• Building Infection Prevention Skill Sets: The "Secret Sauce" For Becoming a Successful Infection Preventionist Available: On Demand
    Posted September 1, 2011 in Webinar This session will explain the skills that all infection preventionist must develop, as well as explore the teaching and learning styles that help them create meaningful in-service programs. ...More MORE INFO
  • The Skin is the Source – Recent Data and Best Practices in Skin Antisepsis Available: On Demand
    Posted September 13, 2010 in Webinar Participants will learn about: - The significance of eradicating microorganisms on the skin as the leading source of surgical site infections (SSIs) and catheter related bloodstream infections (CRBSIs) - How to make sense of and translate into clinical practice the latest data on SSIs and CRBSIs - ...More MORE INFO
  • Clostridium difficile Infection: Current State of Prevention Available: On Demand
    Posted September 13, 2010 in Webinar The Webinar presentation, “Clostridium difficile Infection: Current State of Prevention", presented by Ruth Carrico, PhD, RN, CIC, assistant professor in the School of Public Health and Information Sciences at the University of Louisville, will review the impact, background and changing ...More MORE INFO
  • Environmental Hygiene & Surface Disinfection Available: On Demand
    Posted September 13, 2010 in Webinar It has become clear that the greatest potential for improvement within our healthcare system lies in preventing HAIs rather than finding new ways to cure them. Recently, the role of the environment in the transmission of HAIs and the need for implementation of an environmental sanitation program ...More MORE INFO
  • Improving Patient Safety Through Enhanced Environmental Disinfection Available: On Demand
    Posted August 16, 2010 in Webinar Led by Dr. William Jarvis, this educational presentation covers the epidemiological significance of environmental surfaces on HAIs and the opportunity to improve patient safety through enhanced disinfection. Attendees will learn about new technologies in environmental disinfection and develop a ...More MORE INFO
  • Unique Characteristics of Clostridium difficile Available: On Demand
    Posted November 18, 2009 in Webinar Clostridium difficile is recognized as one of the most serious healthcare-associated infections occurring around the world today. Associated infections may be mild and resolve fairly rapidly after antibiotic cessation, or may be severe, lingering and life-threatening. Emergence of a new strain, ...More MORE INFO
  • Strike Force: Preventing Transmission When Pandemic Flu Hits Your Hospital Available: On Demand
    Posted October 29, 2009 in Webinar There is a tremendous amount of misinformation about how influenza is transmitted, and how you can protect yourself and your patients from infection. This course, will discuss the roles (or not!) of large droplets, droplet nuclei and surface contamination in the spread of influenza. Scientific ...More MORE INFO
  • An Unkind Cut: Preventing Infections in Surgery Available: On Demand
    Posted September 17, 2009 in Webinar The possibility of a number contributing factors to any surgical site infection (SSI) is complex. Yet we cannot expect to prevent SSIs unless we can recognize potential contributors, understand by what mechanisms they facilitate or allow infection to occur and implement practical means of ...More MORE INFO
  • Getting Your Hands Around Hand Hygiene Available: On Demand
    Posted August 27, 2009 in Webinar It has long been recognized that appropriate hand hygiene reduces the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms. In spite of this fact, overall compliance with hand hygiene guidelines continues to be suboptimal in healthcare facilities. Factors that contribute to this poor compliance include lack ...More MORE INFO
  • Does the Glove Fit? Critical Considerations for the Selection of Medical Gloves Available: On Demand
    Posted October 21, 2011 in Webinar The appropriate selection of medical gloves has never been more important as inappropriate selection can have a profound negative impact on patients, healthcare personnel, the environment and healthcare facilities. This program will address considerations for medical glove selection including their ...More MORE INFO
  • Standard Precautions - Is your staff really protected? Available: On Demand
    Posted October 24, 2011 in Webinar This program reviews the relevant changes and reaffirmations of Standard Precautions practice noted in the CDC's 2007 Guideline for Isolation Precautions. The relationship between protective apparel and infection prevention is examined in light of OSHA as well as the AAMI gown barrier performance ...More MORE INFO
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