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NAPPSI Compiles List of Sharps-Safety Devices


NAPPSI Compiles List of Sharps-Safety Devices

Primary prevention

  • Needle-free jet injection: Biojector 2000, Bioject, Inc.;
  • VITAJET 3, Bioject, Inc.; Injex Needle-Free Injector, Equidyne Systems; Medi-Jector Vision, Antares Pharma, Inc.; SyriJet
  • Keystone Industries; J-TIP*, National Medical Products, Inc.

Secondary prevention

  • Needle guards/sliding sheath/sleeve: B-D Safety Glide Shielding Hypodermic Needle, Becton Dickinson; B-D Safety Lok Syringe, Becton Dickinson; BD SafetyGlide Syringe, Becton Dickinson; Protector Syringe and Safety Cap System
  • InjectiMed, Inc.; Gettig Guard - Safety Needle, Gettig Pharmaceutical Instrument Co.;
  • Monoject Safety Syringe, Kendall Healthcare Products Co.; Safe-Mate Safety Needle for dental use, MedPro, Inc.; Sterimatic Safety Needle, Sterimatic Medical Corp.; Univec Sliding Sheath, Univec; DonorCare Needle Guard, ITL Corporation Pty. Ltd.;
  • Innoject Auto-Injector,
  • Innoject Inc.; DeHardCap Safety Needle,
  • DeHardCap Medical, LLC; 5cc Safety Syringe,
  • Taiject Medical Device Co. Ltd.; Duopro Safety Syringe,
  • Meditech, Inc.;
  • Needle guards-hinged recap: Needle-Pro, SIMS Portex, Inc.; SurGuard, Termumo Medical Corporation
  • Retractable needles: Elite Safety Syringe, Medi-Hut Co., Inc.; NMT Safety Syringe, New Medical Technology, Inc.; Vanish Point Syringe, Retractable Technologies, Inc.; Vanish Point Syringes,
  • Abbott Laboratories; Safety 1st Safety Syringe; Safety 1st Medical, Inc.
  • Pre-filled syringes: Safety Tip-Lok, GlaxoSmithKline; BD PosiFlush Pre-filled syringes, Becton Dickinson; Carpuject Therapeutic Medications Prefilled Syringes with Luer Tip,
  • Abbott Laboratories; Pre-filled Saline Flush Syringes,
  • B. Braun Medical Inc.

Primary prevention

  • Abbott Laboratories; Baxter Healthcare Corp.; Beckton Dickinson; BIOJECT, Inc.; B. Braun Medical; Edge Medical; ICU Medical
  • Tri-State Hospital Supply; National Medical Products, Inc.

Primary prevention

  • Needleless IV access-blunted cannulas: LifeShield System, Abbott Laboratories;
  • Interlink IV Access System, Baxter/Becton Dickinson; BD Twinpak Dual Cannula Device, Becton Dickinson; Ultrasite Needle-free IV System, B. Braun Medical; Posiflow IV Access System, Becton Dickinson
  • Needleless valve/access ports and connectors: SmartSite Needle-Free System, Alaris Medical Systems; Safsite System, B. Braun Medical; Ultrasite System,* B. Braun Medical; PosiFlow, BD; Clave connector, ICU Medical; AVI Checkvalve, 3M Health Care; Life Guard Safety Huber Needle, Horizon Medical

Secondary prevention

  • Prefilled medication cartridge with safety needles: LifeShield Abboject protected recessed needle, Abbott Laboratories; Carpuject with InterLink blunt cannula or Luer Lock, Sanofi Winthrop/Becton Dickinson/Baxter; Cartridge Needle-ProTM hinged recap device, SIMS/Portex; Tubex Blunt Point cartridge unit, Wyeth-Ayerst; MIN-I-JET with Stick-Gard recessed needle or InterLink blunt cannula, International Medication Systems (IMS); Ansyr Emergency Syringe with Luer Access Tip,
  • Abbott Laboratories; LifeShield Emergency Syringe with Protected Needle,
  • Abbott Laboratories; Saline Flush Syringes with Luer Access Tip,
  • Abbott Laboratories; Carpuject Pre-filled Flush Syringes with Luer Access and Blunt Tips,
  • Abbott Laboratories; Carpuject Therapeutic Medications Pre-filled Syringes with Luer Access and Blunt Tips,
  • Abbott Laboratories; Aluer Pre-filled Flush Syringes with Luer Access and Blunt Tips,
  • Abbott Laboratories; LifeShield Medication Vials with Prepierced Reseal Access,
  • Abbott Laboratories; ADD-Vantage Drug Delivery System,
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • FirstChoice Premixes,
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Needle guards for pre-filled medication cartridges: UltraSafe Needle Guard, SafetySyringes, Inc.; UltraSafe Injection System, SafetySyringes, Inc.
  • Recessed/protected needle: LifeShield Connector, Abbott Laboratories; Needle Lock Device, Baxter Healthcare Corp.; Versa-Lok and Pro-Lok, Beech Medical; Click Lock and Piggy Lock, ICU Medical; Protected Needle System: McGaw Inc.; Centurion Uni-Guard Piggy Back Connector, Tri-State Hospital Supply Corp.

Secondary prevention

  • Shielded or retracting peripheral IV catheters: Introcan Safety IV catheter, B. Braun Medical; BD Insyte Autoguard, Beckton Dickenson; BD Insyte-N Autoguard Shielded IV Catheter for Small Vein Access, Becton Dickinson; BD Angiocath-N Autoguard Shielded IV Catheter for Small Vein Access, Becton Dickinson; IV Safe
  • M. C. Johnson Co., Inc.; BD Saf-T-Intima IV Catheter Safety System, Becton Dickinson; BD Angiocath Autoguard Shielded IV Catheter, Becton Dickinson; Protectiv and Protectiv Plus IV Catheter safety system, Johnson & Johnson Medical, Inc.; Protectiv* Acuvance
  • I.V. Safety Catheter, Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc./Johnson & Johnson Medical, Inc.
  • Secure IV peripheral venous catheter: Vadus, Inc.; Unolok-Plus Safety Infusion Sets, Myco Medical Supplies, Inc.
  • Shielded midline IV catheters: Biovue PICC/Midline catheter with Protectiv Safety Introducer, Johnson & Johnson Medical, Inc.

Primary prevention

  • Plastic blood collection tubes: Becton Dickinson; Greiner Meditech, Inc.; Kendall Healthcare Products Co.; Termumo Medical Corporation;
  • Plastic blood collection tubes with screw caps: S-Monovette Blood Collection System, Sarstedt, Inc
  • Plastic fingerstick sampling blood collection tube(s): Microvette Capillary Blood Collection System, Starstedt, Inc.; Multivette Capillary Blood Collection System, Starstedt, Inc.
  • Arterial Blood Sampling: Line Draw Plus Arterial Blood Sampling Kits,
  • Portex, Inc.; SafeSet, Abbott Laboratories

Secondary prevention

  • Hinged recapping needle: BD Eclipse Blood Collection Needle, Becton Dickinson; Needle-Pro venous/arterial needle protection, SIMS Portex
  • Retracting needle: Vanish Point blood collection tube holder, Retractable Technologies, Inc.; Vanish Point blood collection tube holder,
  • Abbott Laboratories;
  • S-Monovette Needle Protector, Starstedt, Inc.
  • Self-blunting needle: Punctur-Guard blood collection needles; Bio-Plexus, Inc.
  • Shielded winged steel needle butterfly blood collection needles: BD Vacutainer Safety-Lok Blood Collection Set, Becton Dickinson; Angel Wing Safety Needle System, Kendall Healthcare Products Co.; VAKU-8 Plus Safety Blood Collection Set, Myco Medical Supplies, Inc.; SurshieldT Safety Blood Collection Set,
  • Termumo Medical Corporation
  • Single-use sliding sheath blood collection needle and tube holder: ProGuard II,
  • Kendall Healthcare; Safe Point Vac and Safe Point M-D, North American Medical Products (NAMP): Saf-T-Clik, MPS Acacia; Sterimatic Safety Needle, Sterimatic Ltd.

Primary prevention

  • Laser Lancet: Lasette, Cell Robotics International, Inc.

Secondary prevention

  • Retracting lancet: Single-Let, Bayer Corp.; BD Quikheel Lancet, Becton Dickinson; BD Genie Lancet, Becton Dickinson; Haemolance, Hypoguard; Haemolance Plus, Hypoguard; Tenderfoot heel incision device, International Technidyne Corp.; Tenderfoot automated skin incision device, International Technidyne Corp.; Monojet Monoletter safety lancet, Kendall Healthcare Products Co.; Glucolet 2 retracting lancet, Miles Inc., Diagnostic Division; Unistik 2, Owen-Mumford, Inc.; EZ-Lets II, Palco Labs
  • Accu-Check Safe-T-Pro, Roche Diagnostics; Safe-T-Lance Plus, Futura Medical Corp.
  • EZ-Lets II,
  • Plalco Labs, Inc.
  • Strip Lancet: SafetyStrip, Specialized Health Products

Secondary prevention

  • Quick-release scalpel blade handles: Bard-Parker SafetyLock Surgical Blade System, Becton Dickinson
  • Retracting scalpel: Bard-Parker SafetyLock Disposable Scalpel, Becton Dickinson; DIAMATRIX Surgical Steel E-Series Trapezoid blade, DIAMATRIX, LTD., INC.; DeRoyal Safety Scalpel with retractable blade, DeRoyal; Futura Safety Scalpel-retractable scalpel, Futura Medical Corp.; Personna Safety Scalpel - disposable, Personna Medical
  • Ultrasonic scalpel: Harmonic Scalpel, Ethicon Endo-Surgery

Secondary prevention

  • Ethiguard Blunt Point, Ethicon, Inc.
  • Other blunted suture needles available from Auto Suture Co./USSC; Kendall Healthcare Products Co.

Secondary prevention

  • Magnatreve Magnetic Floor Sweep, Adept-Med International, Inc.; SutureMate, DeRoyal Industries; Hands Free Transfer disposable magnetic drapes, Devon Industries; Blade Guard II sharps counting and disposal system, Devon Industries; QlickSmart Scalpel Blade Removal System, Qlicksmart Pty. Ltd.

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