Environmental Hygiene: Biocides and Sporicidal Disinfectants

Environmental Hygiene: Biocides and Sporicidal Disinfectants

Issue Summary

This Pulse provides a quick summary of some of the ideas and perspectives coming out of the 2013 Spring Conference of the Society of Healthcare Epidemiologists of America (SHEA), particularly debates regarding microbial resistance to biocides, as well as the use of sporicidal disinfectants in outbreak- and non-outbreak settings.

Table of Contents

  • Biocide Resistance: Experts debate the potential for widespread microbial resistance to antiseptics and other biocides, and the impact on the healthcare setting.
  • Sporicidal Agents: Experts debate the importance of sporicidal agents for environmental disinfection and the control of Clostridium difficile.

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Discover insights from leading experts debating controversial disinfection-related issues