Ebola Virus Disease: A Primer for Infection Preventionists

Ebola Virus Disease: A Primer for Infection Preventionists

Issue Summary

This digital issue provides a summary of Ebola virus disease etiology, signs and symptoms, risk of exposure, transmission, and prevention strategies. It reviews the current outbreak situation, describes the public health response, and provides details regarding infection prevention protocols, including new guidance from the CDC on personal protective equipment for healthcare workers caring for suspected of known Ebola patients.

Table of Contents

  • The Outbreak Situation at Home and Abroad: An Update
  • Ebola's Etiology
  • Experimental Treatment for Ebola
  • Public Health Response
  • Infection Prevention Protocols
  • Ebola in the Operating Room

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Review the Ebola outbreak situation, including U.S. cases
  • Learn about the public health response to the Ebola outbreak nationally and abroad
  • Discover strategies to help healthcare workers care for suspected or known Ebola patients