What the IP and the C-Suite Need to Know About Healthcare Textiles Management

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Healthcare textiles have the potential to serve as vectors for the transmission of pathogenic organisms and should be on the radar of clinicians and infection preventionists as part of a greater awareness of HAI prevention efforts in hospitals. This digital summit will address proper healthcare textiles management from an infection prevention point of view, illustrate protocols for safe laundry handling, and explore the role of healthcare laundry and other textiles in infection prevention. Experts in infection prevention and healthcare laundry services will share their insights into how to keep healthcare textiles free of contamination throughout the laundry processing process, and highlight best practices that infection preventionists can follow to help prevent healthcare-acquired infections.


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    Trust, but Verify: Mitigating the Risk of Healthcare Textiles John Scherberger

    This session will:

    1. Describe the numerous challenges associated with the handling, storage and distribution of hygienically clean healthcare textiles
    2. Explore a multi-modal and multi-disciplinary integration of infection prevention processes to address laundry-associated risk mitigation
    3. Outline best practices for protecting healthcare textiles from contamination throughout the laundry-processing continuum
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    Preventing Contamination of Healthcare Textiles: A Day in the Life of a Healthcare Textile Gregory Gicewicz

    This session will:

    1. Describe the infection preventionist’s role in healthcare linen handling and processing
    2. Outline a day in the life of a hospital towel
    3. Review healthcare laundry standards and advise what can be done to help prevent possible laundry-related infections
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    Fabrics As Fomites: What We Know Today Peg Luebbert

    This session will:

    1. Identify the potential role of fabrics (soft surface textiles) in the transmission of pathogens in the healthcare setting
    2. Describe recent studies that indicate that pathogens are proven viable on fabrics and can contaminate other healthcare surfaces
    3. Summarize a published outbreak associated with contaminated fabrics in the healthcare setting
    4. List engineering and safe work practice controls to minimize risk of transmission of pathogens from fabrics in the healthcare environment
    • Peg Luebbert Healthcare Interventions, Inc. and Ladybug Health Productions LLC


  • Gregory Gicewicz President, Sterile Surgical Systems

    Gregory Gicewicz is the president of Sterile Surgical Systems, a full service healthcare laundry and surgical textile processor located in Tumwater, Washington. Gregory is also the president of the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC), whose mission is to accredit laundries processing healthcare textiles based on the highest standards for patient safety and infection prevention. In Gregory’s role with Sterile Surgical Systems, he oversees all business activities including plant operations, distribution, QA, Maintenance, HR, customer service, and sales and marketing. Prior to Sterile Surgical Systems Gregory spent 14 years at Microsoft Corporation where he held several senior roles. Most recently he was Group Program Manager for Windows Live Infrastructure Operations in Redmond, Washington. Gregory enjoys applying the IT lessons he learned in his years at Microsoft to the laundry industry in areas such as linen management, plant operations, infection prevention, and plant financials. Gregory graduated from Harvard University with a BA degree in Chemistry and Physics. In his spare time Gregory is very active in the Seattle ice hockey community as a youth coach and an owner of the Seattle Thunderbirds Hockey Club.

  • Peg Luebbert , Healthcare Interventions, Inc. and Ladybug Health Productions LLC

    Peg Luebbert has worked in the fields of infection prevention and healthcare safety for over 30 years in a variety of facilities including large and small acute care hospitals, long term care, long term acute care, and ambulatory surgeries. She is certified in infection prevention and healthcare safety. She has also presented and published on the local as well as the national level.

    Peg is currently owner of two companies; Healthcare Interventions, Inc. and Ladybug Health Productions LLC. Since starting these endeavors, Peg has assisted multiple facilities and organizations in improving their risk reduction strategies in infection prevention, safety, risk management and emergency preparedness. These accomplishments have been developed by walkthrough audits, evidence base guideline protocols and strategic educational activities including online www.IP-Bootcamp.com for new Infection Preventionists or those preparing for certification. In all of these endeavors, Peg has recognized that fabrics or otherwise known as soft surface textiles has not been recognized as a potential fomite and has focused much time and effort in getting discussions initiated on this topic.

  • John Scherberger BS, CHESP, REH

    John Scherberger, BS, CHESP, REH, is the principal at Healthcare Risk Mitigation in Spartanburg, SC. Healthcare Risk Mitigation is a consulting enterprise that assists healthcare, laundry, hospitality, and other professionals in enhancing their operations through education and the incorporation of industry Best Practices into their operations through Risk Mitigation, improvement of Environmental Services and Housekeeping operations, Infection Prevention processes and practices, improvement of linen and laundry operations, personal care professionals guests interactions and processes.