Infection Control Today

October 2000 References


"Flash Sterilization: The Fundamental Issues" By Jack Donaldson, BSN, CNOR, CSPDM; and Kathy Donaldson, RN, CNOR, CSPDT

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 "Considerations for Immunization Programs in Healthcare Organizations" By Sue Sebazco

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"Needle Safety Laws Now on Books in 16 States" By Jane Perry, MA
(No references listed in story.)

"An Introduction to Fire Safety" By Gail Stout
(No references listed in story.)

Surgical Instrument Tracking Systems" By John W. Basch
(No references listed, Tables A-D in October file.)

"Hospital Air-Quality Monitoring" By Andrew Steifel, MPH, REHS
(No references listed in story.)

"Spotting, Staining, and Corrosion of Surgical Instruments" By Herbert J. Kaiser, PhD; Patrick Schwab, MBA; Jason F. Tiney, MA
(No references listed in story.)

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