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  • Environmental Hygiene: What We Know from Scientific Studies

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    A renewed interest in the healthcare environment and to what degree surface contamination contributes to the spread of infectious pathogens is driving a growing body of research in this area. The following article will take a look at what we know about various aspects of environmental hygiene from the scientific literature.More...

  • Asking the Right Questions Guides Solutions to Improving Cleanliness

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    If we look at the current state of environmental hygiene, what we need to ask ourselves is, “Why is cleanliness still such a problem?” In the past, hospitals have measured cleanliness using patient satisfaction survey responses. There are several pros and cons of this approach, though satisfaction surveys measure a patient’s impression of cleanliness, it does not objectively tell whether a surface is clean. This can be dangerous as a surface could look fine but be contaminated with More...

  • Immediate-Use Steam Sterilization: Best Practices

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    Immediate-use steam sterilization, formally referred to as flash sterilization, is currently a topic getting much attention by operating room and sterile processing personnel across the country. As a sterile processing manager of a large facility, I am keenly aware of the challenges involved with following best practices and guidelines to perform the complex procedure of sterilizing instruments for immediate use. The Joint Commission received intense training in the entire process just lastMore...

  • Making Sense of Disinfectant Labels: A Step-By-Step Approach

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    Every day infection preventionists (IPs) and other healthcare personnel face significant challenges due to evolving technology, healthcare reform and, of course, time constraints. Choosing the right disinfectant products must be a carefully made decision but it shouldn’t be burdensome. Yet, because healthcare products are continually being released, updated and retired from the marketplace, IPs would be challenged to monitor the status of every single item within their facilities. This article More...

  • Don't Let Bedbugs Disturb Your Healthcare Facility

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    In order to avoid costly remediation, negative word of mouth, and reputation-damaging media coverage, healthcare facility managers must be properly informed and know how to prepare for and address bed bug issues, should they arise.More...

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