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  • WHO Hand Hygiene Self-Assessment Framework

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    The World Health Organization (WHO) taught the global healthcare community that there are five critical moments in hand hygiene that can make or break infection prevention efforts. Now, using a framework provided by the WHO, hospitals around the world can conduct assessments of their hand hygiene compliance efforts within the context of the larger issues of institutional cultures of safety and other key measures impacting patient outcomes.More...

  • Uncovering the Mystery of Type IV Allergies

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    Imagine a nurse, let’s call her Jill, who faces multiple scrub-ins everyday as part of her operating room (OR) role. She struggles with a rash on her hands and wrists that just won’t go away, causing both physical and emotional trauma. These recurring and often painful skin conditions – which range from mild irritations to more serious reactions – can persist, despite the care taken by nurses and hospitals. Add to that the toll in sick leaves and absenteeism, and the cost of this condition can More...

  • Hand Hygiene Monitoring Goes High-Tech

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    In their quest to assess the prevalence and correlates of compliance and noncompliance with hand hygiene guidelines in hospital care, Vicki Erasmus, MSc, of the Department of Public Health at Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and colleagues determined that noncompliance with hand hygiene guidelines is a universal problem that calls for standardized measures for research and monitoring.More...

  • Clostridium difficile: The Newest Superbug Beats Out MRSA

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    Case of hospital-onset, healthcare-associated Clostridium difficile infections (CDI) have increased in frequency. Now, C. difficile has passed methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections in the race to be the most prevalent hospital-acquired infection (HAI). More...

  • Hand Hygiene Compliance Boosted by Culture of Safety, Accountability

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    ICT spoke with John M. Boyce, MD, hospital epidemiologist and chief of infectious disease at Saint Raphael Healthcare System in West Haven, Conn., and Gina Pugliese, RN, MS, vice president of the Premier Safety Institute, about how to boost hand hygiene compliance rates in healthcare institutions.More...

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