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Healthmark Industries Offers New Products for SPDs

Healthmark Industries announces a number of new products designed for the sterile processing department (SPD).

The Healthmark Watermark is a bumper sticker-sized, liquid crystal thermometer with a "water fill line" that adheres to the inside of a manual and/or ultrasonic soaking bath, tub, sink or basin. The Healthmark Watermark features an easy to read liquid crystal thermometer located below the fill line. By monitoring the reported temperature on the thermometer, staff can be sure that the solution is in the proper temperature range as dictated by the detergent manufacturer's IFU. Use the Healthmark Watermark when submerging instruments in an manual and/or ultrasonic bath, tub, sink, or basin to improve compliance with recommended cleaning parameters of temperature and dilution. The large, bumper sticker sized (3” x 12”) Healthmark Watermark means it is easy to read, even in a large bath.

A new product to help remind healthcare care professionals to take a surgical pause before using surgical instruments in the OR is now available from Healthmark. A “surgical pause” is the universal protocol for preventing wrong site, wrong procedure, and wrong person surgery. Healthmark’s new stainless steel “Time Out” sign serves as a perfect reminder. The 1" x 5" dimensions make this sign visible to read, yet still compact and light. The sign can be sterilized individually or be included inside with a set of instruments. The 304 grade stainless is materially compatible with steam, EO and gas-plasma sterilization.

Another new product is designed to help keep endoscope valves and other detachable parts with the proper endoscope throughout reprocessing. The Valvesafe™ locks onto the endoscope without concealing any part of the scope and is able to hold a maximum of four valves at once. This unique design made of polypropylene has large openings that allow detergents and disinfectants to flow through easily and effectively. The distinctive container allows valves and detachable parts to be kept with the parent endoscope. This will form a unique set of equipment that allows adequate drying in a contaminant free environment, while safe and simple storage keeps appropriate parts ready at all times.

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