Cross contamination


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Cross-Contamination Prevention: Addressing Keyboards as Fomites

Report Summary

This report presents information on the the chain of infection and how to prevent cross-contamination relating to the use of keyboards and other computer equipment in the healthcare environment. It summarizes the medical literature and offers suggestions for best practices relating to keyboard disinfection.

Editor's Take

Keyboards and computer mice are ubiquitous in the hospital setting. Experts say that while it has long been recognized that inanimate objects in the patient's environment can harbor pathogenic organisms, only recently have investigators begun to examine the microbial contamination on computer hardware and to ask if these microorganisms might play a role in healthcare-associated infections.

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Review the components of the chain of infection
  • Explore the literature on keyboards and computer mice
  • Discover some best practices relating to keyboard hygiene