• Bioterrorism Attack
    Bioterrorism Attack What Infection Control Practitioners Need to Know to Be Prepared for a Bioterrorism Attack By Terri Rebmann, RN, MSN, CIC How do infection control practitioners (ICPs) prepare for a bioterrorism attack? More specifically, what steps do ICPs need to take ...More
    December 1, 2001 Posted in Articles
  • Infection Control Today - 12/2001: Microbial Resistance and Disinfectant Use
    Microbial Resistance and Disinfectant Use By Rodney Stine Overuse... this word rings out a warning. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Some types of overuse only affect our personal lives. For instance, overuse of words renders them ineffective. Overuse of objects ...More
    December 1, 2001 Posted in Articles
  • E. coli Suspected in English Outbreak
    LONDON-The strain of bacteria E. coli 0157 was discovered in five confirmed cases in the village of Eccleston, some 200 miles northwest of London. More than 15 people have been hospitalized surrounding the potential outbreak as health officials hurry to determine a source ...More
    November 28, 2001 Posted in News
  • Infection Control Today - 11/2001: One Nation, Indivisible
    One Nation, Indivisible "Sometimes on the way to your dreams you get lost and find a better one." --Anonymous The past two months have seemed like a dream--a very bad one at that. From the terror that shook this nation on September 11th to the small acts of ...More
    November 1, 2001 Posted in Articles
  • Glaxo Wants to Make Smallpox, Anthrax Vaccines
    WASHINTON, DC-Just days after Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson called out to pharmaceutical companies to make necessary vaccines in the wake of the Sept. 11 tragedies, British-owned GlaxoSmith Kline has announced they will accept the challenge. The ...More
    October 30, 2001 Posted in News
  • Gay Men in San Francisco Face Shigella Outbreak
    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif-Shigella sonnei, a member of the shigella bacteria family, is infecting young gay men at an alarming rate. The bacterium is responsible for causing bloody diarrhea and is being transmitted sexually. Analyzing the data of 230 confirmed cases in the San ...More
    October 29, 2001 Posted in News
  • Researchers Make Anthrax Advances
    WASHINGTON, DC-With concerns escalated about chemical and biological warfare after the September 11 attack in the United States, American researchers are closely studied one potentially fatal and threatening bacterium---Bacillus anthracis. Anthrax is caused by the ...More
    October 2, 2001 Posted in News
  • Infection Control Today - 10/2001: INFECTION CONTROL: Time To Design A New Generation Of Surgical Instruments
    Anthrax: What You Should Know Q & A concerning the bacteria anthrax and how to protect yourself from exposure Q: What is anthrax? A: Anthrax is created by the etiologic agent Bacillus anthracis. This bacterium is large, gram-positive, non-motile, spore forming, and ...More
    October 1, 2001 Posted in Articles
  • Anthrax Vaccine Running Low
    WASHINGTON , DC-Pentagon officials do not want to discuss the decreasing levels of an anthrax vaccine that could help protect service people headed to the Middle East. Officials will not release the amount of vaccine they have left, but there is only one manufacturer of the ...More
    September 20, 2001 Posted in News
  • College Freshman At Higher Risk for Bacterial Meningitis
    PITTSBURGH, Pa-Bacterial meningitis is a scary disease. While there is no doubt what causes the sickness, there is little public awareness and a small window of opportunity to fight the bacteria before it causes serious damage. The highly contagious bacteria are spread by ...More
    September 7, 2001 Posted in News