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Dengue Fever

  • Chasing Fire: Fever and Human Mobility in an Epidemic
    Disease ecologists working in the Amazonian city of Iquitos, Peru, have quantified for the first time how a fever affects human mobility during the outbreak of a mosquito-borne pathogen. The findings were published by Proceedings of the Royal Society B. ...More
    6 days ago Posted in News
  • Researchers Show Phone Calls Can Forecast Dengue Fever Outbreaks
    A team of scientists has developed a system that can forecast the outbreak of dengue fever by simply analyzing the calling behavior of citizens to a public-health hotline. This telephone-based disease surveillance system can forecast two to three weeks ahead of time, and ...More
    3 weeks ago Posted in News
  • Dengue Virus Exposure May Amplify Zika Infection
    Previous exposure to the dengue virus may increase the potency of Zika infection, according to research from Imperial College London. The early-stage laboratory findings, published in the journal Nature Immunology, suggests the recent explosive outbreak of Zika may have ...More
    June 24, 2016 Posted in News
  • Scientists Discover Antibodies Effective Against Dengue and Zika Viruses
    Scientists from the Institut Pasteur and the CNRS, in collaboration with Imperial College London and the University of Vienna, Austria, have identified antibodies that can efficiently neutralize both the dengue virus and the Zika virus. The description of the binding site ...More
    June 23, 2016 Posted in News
  • UMMS Scientists Use CRISPR to Discover Zika and Dengue Weaknesses
    Scientists at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) have performed the first CRISPR/Cas9 screen to discover human proteins that Zika virus needs for replication. This work, led by Abraham Brass, MD, PhD, assistant professor in microbiology & ...More
    June 21, 2016 Posted in News
  • Researchers Map by County the Mosquitoes That Transmit Zika and Dengue
    The mosquitoes known as Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus transmit arboviruses that are increasing threats to human health in the Americas, particularly dengue, chikungunya, and Zika viruses. Therefore, accurate and up-to-date information for the geographical ranges of ...More
    June 9, 2016 Posted in News
  • Low Risk of Dengue Infection Predicted for Foreign Visitors to Rio Olympics
    In 2014, before the FIFA World Cup opened in Brazil, there were fears that many of the 600,000 foreign visitors expected for the world's largest soccer tournament would acquire dengue fever. Their numbers could reach hundreds or even thousands, according to some ...More
    June 3, 2016 Posted in News
  • Health Economists Determine Dengue Fever's Economic Impact
    In keeping with the Schneider Institutes for Health Policy (SIHP)'s mandate to inform health policy through rigorous economic analyses, a group of SIHP health economists at Brandeis University's Heller School for Social Policy and Management has published a comprehensive ...More
    May 4, 2016 Posted in News
  • Researchers Calculate Risk of Dengue for Non-Immune Visitors to Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro
    Rio de Janeiro in Brazil will host the Summer Olympic Games this summer, with about 400,000 non-immune foreign tourists expected to attend. As Brazil is the country with the highest number of dengue cases worldwide, concern about the risk of dengue for travelers is ...More
    April 29, 2016 Posted in News
  • New Recommendations for Dengue Vaccine
    Dengue is the world’s most extensively spread mosquito-borne virus – in the last 60 years, global incidence of the disease has increased 30-fold. The World Health Organization (WHO) Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on immunization has recommended that ...More
    April 19, 2016 Posted in News
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