Ebola Virus

  • After Ebola, Understanding Healthcare Needs Among Rural Liberians
    As Liberia rebuilds a healthcare system decimated by the 2014 Ebola outbreak, understanding precisely how far citizens live from health facilities and its impact on seeking care can help shape new strategies to improve healthcare delivery and reduce geographic disparities. ...More
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  • CDC Issues Alert on Clinical Considerations for the Evaluation of Ill Travelers from Liberia
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that healthcare providers consider not only Ebola virus disease (EVD), but also other much more likely infectious diseases, including malaria, when evaluating ill travelers from Liberia to the United States. ...More
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  • TSRI Team Gets New Close-up View of Key Part of Ebola Virus Life Cycle
    The Scripps Research Institute team's high-resolution image revealed how a viral protein called VP35 helps protect the Ebola virus from the body's immune system. Image courtesy of the Scripps Research Institute.   A new study led by scientists at the Scripps Research ...More
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  • Generic Heart Disease Medications Offer Promise for Ebola Treatment
    Generic medications used frequently in the management of heart disease patients also have the potential to bolster the immune systems of patients with Ebola virus and some other life-threatening illnesses, researchers report this week in mBio®, the online open-access ...More
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  • One of Sierra Leone's Toughest Slums Beats Ebola
    Moa Wharf is one of Sierra Leone’s worst slums. In this overcrowded, beachfront neighborhood, Ebola arrived and seemed poised to burn through the area like wildfire. So how did one of the most challenging areas in Sierra Leone get to zero cases and how can the Ebola ...More
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  • Despite Ebola, Vigilance and Hope Prevail in Forecariah
    The family of Bernard Lansana Soumah never expected to experience Ebola. When Bernard’s wife, Macire, became infected, they realized Ebola was real. Today, Bernard and Macire are among the lucky ones and they are vigilant in watching for signs of infection among those ...More
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  • Staying at Zero: Keeping Ebola Out of Liberia
    More than a month has passed since Ebola transmission ceased in Liberia. This hard-fought achievement is still being celebrated across the country, where nearly 11,000 people became infected with the virus and 4,800 died. Liberia is still urging communities not to let their ...More
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  • Study of Ebola Survivors is Underway in Liberia
    The Liberia-U.S. clinical research partnership known as PREVAIL has launched a study of people in Liberia who have survived Ebola virus disease (EVD) within the past two years. The study investigators hope to better understand the long-term health consequences of EVD, ...More
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  • Researchers Link Ebola News Coverage to Public Panic Using Google, Twitter Data
    Using Twitter and Google search trend data in the wake of the very limited U.S. Ebola outbreak of October 2014, a team of researchers from Arizona State University, Purdue University and Oregon State University have found that news media is extraordinarily effective in ...More
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  • HHS Selects Nine Regional Ebola and Other Special Pathogen Treatment Centers
    To further strengthen the nation’s infectious disease response capability, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has selected nine health departments and associated partner hospitals to become special regional treatment centers for patients with ...More
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