Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

  • Increasing Secondary Education Protects Against HIV Infection
    Longer secondary schooling substantially reduces the risk of contracting HIV, particularly for girls, according to new research from Botswana published in The Lancet Global Health journal. The researchers estimate that pupils who stayed in school for an extra year of ...More
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  • Needle Exchanges Can Prevent More HIV Outbreaks
    Congress needs to immediately lift the ban on federal funding for needle exchange programs to counter the threat of HIV outbreaks among injection drug users like the one that has seen an alarming number of new cases erupt in a single rural Indiana county. So say Johns ...More
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  • June 27 is National HIV Testing Day
    National HIV Testing Day is a reminder to get the facts, get tested, and get involved to take care of yourself and your partners. An estimated 1.2 million people in the United States are living with HIV, and that number grows by almost 50,000 every year. One in seven people ...More
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  • PrEP Data Links Anti-HIV Immune Response to Reduce Chance of Infection
    Research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that some individuals exposed to HIV-1, but who remain uninfected, have a certain pattern of virus-specific immune responses that differentiated them from individuals who became infected. The ...More
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  • UCLA Research Offers More Evidence for Possible Link Between Cocaine Use and HIV Infection
    New UCLA research offers further evidence that cocaine use disrupts the immune system, making people who use it more likely to become infected with HIV. In research published online June 18 in the peer-reviewed journal Scientific Reports, researchers with the UCLA AIDS ...More
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  • Sequential Immunizations Could Be the Key to HIV Vaccine
    As part of experiments intended to guide the immune system toward the production of anti-HIV broadly neutralizing antibodies, researchers examined its response to two distinct antigens, or foreign proteins, designed to mimic the virus. Above, the antibody sequences from ...More
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  • NIAID-Funded HIV Vaccine Research Generates Key Antibodies in Animal Models
    A trio of studies being published today in the journals Science and Cell describes advances toward the development of an HIV vaccine. The three study teams all demonstrated techniques for stimulating animal cells to produce antibodies that either could stop HIV from ...More
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  • New Model to Study HIV Latency in Brain Cells
    More than 35 million people worldwide are currently infected by HIV. Antiviral therapies can keep the virus from multiplying. However, no drug can cure infection so far, because various cell types continue to carry the virus in a latent state. Scientists of Helmholtz ...More
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  • Changes in HIV Genetic Code Determine Severity of Disease
    HIV attachment to receptors on target T cell. In a finding that furthers the understanding of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), researchers from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles discovered two locations where a single difference in HIV’s genetic code altered ...More
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  • Vitamin D Can Improve Immune Response to HIV-1
    Vitamin D plays an important part in the human immune response and deficiency can leave individuals less able to fight infections like HIV-1. Now an international team of researchers has found that high-dose vitamin D supplementation can reverse the deficiency and also ...More
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