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  • Gene Deletion Points Way to Flu Treatment
    Researchers at Houston Methodist kept mice from getting the flu by removing a gene that regulates their immune system. According to a study recently published in Nature Immunology (online Oct. 3), mice missing the gene Trim29 eliminated human influenza virus within 48 ...More
    2 weeks ago Posted in News
  • CDC Flu Update: Activity Low Overall in Continental U.S.
    According to the first full FluView report from the CDC for the 2016-2017 season, flu activity is low overall in the continental United States, with only Guam reporting widespread flu activity. Influenza A (H3) viruses were most common during week 40. While the timing of ...More
    2 weeks ago Posted in News, Hand Hygiene
  • New Study Brings Researchers Closer to a Universal Flu Vaccine
    Researchers at McMaster University and two American universities have taken another step closer to developing a much more effective, “one-punch” universal flu vaccine. Their latest findings, published online today in the journal Proceedings of the National ...More
    4 weeks ago Posted in News
  • Researchers Discover Rare Flu-Thwarting Mutation
    A rare and improbable mutation in a protein encoded by an influenza virus renders the virus defenseless against the body's immune system. This University of Rochester Medical Center discovery could provide a new strategy for live influenza vaccines in the future. A new ...More
    4 weeks ago Posted in News
  • Influenza Vaccination Recommendations Released
    While current U.S. flu activity is low overall, localized influenza outbreaks have been reported. Influenza activity often begins to increase in October. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends a yearly flu vaccine for everyone 6 months and older. ...More
    4 weeks ago Posted in News, Hand Hygiene
  • Scientists Design Universal Flu Vaccine
    An international team of scientists has designed a new generation of universal flu vaccines to protect against future global pandemics that could kill millions. The vaccine could give protection for up to 88 percent of known flu strains worldwide in a single shot, ...More
    4 weeks ago Posted in News
  • Health Officials Urge Everyone to Get Vaccinated for Influenza
    With influenza (flu) vaccine readily available and sufficient doses expected throughout the season, the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID), along with public health and medical organizations urge the public and healthcare professionals to follow the Centers ...More
    5 weeks ago Posted in News
  • Parents Cite Lack of Need as Reason for Not Getting Kids Their Flu Shots
    Despite the fact that influenza leads to more hospitalizations and deaths among children than any other vaccine-preventable disease, parents frequently decline vaccinating their children against influenza because they don’t perceive the need, according to a new ...More
    5 weeks ago Posted in News
  • First Large Clinical Trial of Flu Vaccines Designed to Prevent Heart and Lung-Related Illness Begins
    Heart disease patients enrolled in a clinical trial -- designed to test whether a stronger dose of the influenza vaccine can prevent death or hospitalization due to a heart attack, heart failure, stroke or pneumonia -- have begun receiving their first flu shots in Toronto ...More
    5 weeks ago Posted in News
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