• Measles-Flu Comparison Yields Insights for Vaccine Design
    By comparing flu viruses to the virus that causes measles, researchers fine-tuned a tool that may enable faster vaccine design, according to a study led by Mount Sinai researchers and published online this week in the journal Cell Reports. The study results revolve around ...More
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  • Vaccines Developed for H5N1, H7N9 Avian Influenza Strains
    A recent study with Kansas State University researchers details vaccine development for two new strains of avian influenza that can be transmitted from poultry to humans. The strains have led to the culling of millions of commercial chickens and turkeys as well as the death ...More
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  • Researcher Helps Identify the Kind of Human Trial Most Effective for Testing Ebola Vaccines
    Associate professor Manoj Gambhir, from Monash University's Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, is part of the team working on the research. Led by University of Texas Austin researcher Dr. Steve Bellan, and in collaboration with the Centers for Disease ...More
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  • Antibody's Unusual Abilities Might Inspire Vaccine Strategies
    The recent discovery of a novel antibody that works in an unusual way might inspire ideas for designing more effective vaccines. Among the common pathogens that could be targeted are urinary-tract infecting strains of E. coli. The antibody appears to have properties that ...More
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  • Persistence Yields Progress in AIDS Vaccine Research at UC Santa Cruz
    Phil Berman has been working to develop an AIDS vaccine for nearly 30 years, first at the pioneering biotech company Genentech, then as cofounder of VaxGen, and now at UC Santa Cruz, where he is the Baskin Professor of Biomolecular Engineering. Since his arrival at UC Santa ...More
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  • 80 Percent of Cervical Cancers Found to be Preventable with Latest 9-Valent HPV Vaccine
    The new 9-valent human papillomavirus vaccine can potentially prevent 80 percent of cervical cancers in the United States if given to all 11- or 12-year-old children before they are exposed to the virus. In addition to protecting against 80 percent of cervical cancers, the ...More
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  • Patients More Likely to Get HPV Vaccine After Electronic Health Record Prompts
    A new study finds that a simple reminder via electronic health record systems may go a long way in encouraging patients to get the HPV vaccine that protects against cervical cancer. The HPV vaccine has the lowest completion rates of any other vaccine. Patients aged 9-18 ...More
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  • First-of-Its-Kind West Nile Virus Vaccine Now in Phase I Clinical Trials
    A novel investigational West Nile virus vaccine discovered and developed by scientists at the Oregon National Primate Research Center at Oregon Health & Science University is being evaluated in an NIH-sponsored Phase 1, first-in-human, clinical trial at Duke University. ...More
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  • Studies Yield Mixed Findings on High-Dose Flu Vaccine for Elders
    If you're age 65 or older and go to your doctor or pharmacy for a flu shot, you may be offered two options: the standard vaccine, or a high-dose version that packs a stronger wallop to activate the immune system, which is weaker in seniors. The Centers for Disease Control ...More
    April 28, 2015 Posted in News
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