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DuPont Medical Fabrics

DuPont announces the availability of DuPont IsolationWear medical fabric for Level 2 AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) isolation apparel, and DuPont Suprel® IsolationWear medical fabric for AAMI Level 3 isolation apparel. The gowns, available from Medline Industries, are made with DuPont medical fabrics and meet AAMIs PB70 guideline for protective barriers.

(800) 441-7515

Microtek Medical Holdings, Inc.

Microtek released Mojave, a super-absorbent disposable material specifically created for the clinical environment. Mojave has a super-absorbent core fabricated via a patented process involving the uniform distribution of specially developed super-absorbent polymers (SAPs) in a unique matrix of high-performance fibers. This proprietary trilaminate material changes the fabric of disposable healthcare linens. The barrier created by Mojave is completely impervious to blood and body fluids, viruses and bacteria.

(800) 844-0988


The Swedish-designed Airsonett Airshower® is designed to supplement an existing central or ceiling-mounted air purification system or for use as a stand-alone unit. It is an economic solution to costly HVAC upgrades and combats airborne contaminants and virtual air stagnation caused by todays airtight facilities. In less than one hour, virtually all the air in a standard sized room is purified and at least 99.95 percent of all airborne particles greater than 0.3 micron are removed.

(706) 579-2226

MYCO Medical Inc.

The Technocut Plus Safety Scalpel retracts into a safety covering and can be locked into place, allowing the blade to be passed between surgeons and nurses with the blade enclosed, limiting bladestick injuries. The scalpel is designed to be easily maneuverable, light, and well-balanced.

(800) 454-6926

H & W Technology, LLC

H & W Technology introduces its Stericert Hospital Ethylene Oxide Control System for upgrade of EO blend sterilizers. Stericert provides a nearly 40 percent decrease in cycle time, with sterilization and aeration resting at 10 hours. Stericert also decreases EO consumption by more than 25 percent. Stericert is available for Steris/Amsco 2000 and 3000 series EO blend sterilizers, and Getinge/MDT/Castle 3571, 3671, and 4271 EO blend sterilizers.

(585) 218-0385

Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp

Spectrum introduces its Flexible Scope Cleaning Kit. The brush kit contains two brushes measuring 240 cm in overall length. The first has two distinct ends, one measuring 3 mm the other 6 mm, both designed for cleaning the biopsy channel. The second brush is the Clean-N-Dry brush which has a 3 mm end and a sponge end designed for drying. The remaining three brushes have been designed to clean the air/water suction valve. All brushes in the kit have been produced using antimicrobial, medical-grade, nylon bristles.

(800) 444-5644

MediSource, Inc.

MediSources UltiZyme product line is the ultimate enzyme solution to any enzymatic cleaning need in the healthcare industry. The all-natural, environmentally friendly products are safe for all instruments, scopes, and surfaces. UltiZyme multi-enzymatic products effectively clean away proteins, blood, starches, sugars, and fats. UltiZyme triple enzyme formula maintains maximum cleaning power and is designed to have an unlimited shelf life.

(866) 234-1447


Inovel released the 3000 Series N95 Disposable Respirator and Surgical Mask and the 3100 Series N95 Disposable Respirator and Surgical Mask. Both feature a unique pinch-free contoured shape and soft foam nose flange that form-fits to the bridge of the nose. The exclusive Dura-Mesh® shell provides added durability and prevents collapsing from heat and humidity. The 3100 Series also features the exclusive Flexwing, allowing the mask to seal securely with a single strap. Both meet CDC guidelines for tuberculosis exposure control, in addition to NIOSH, FDA, and CDC standards for Surgical N95 protection against airborne pathogens. The 3100 Series also meets the highest level of ASTM Fluid Resistance, as well as NIOSH N95 Filtration Standards.

(866) 546-6835

Sage Products Inc

Sage Products has added Q-Care® Oral Cleansing and Suctioning Systems with Thumb Port Tools to its oral-care product suite to help clinicians administer comprehensive oral care to patients who might not be connected to ventilators, but are still at risk of developing aspiration pneumonia. Sages new Q-Care includes a unique, user-friendly suction toothbrush and swabs that enable clinicians to remove dental plaque, debris, and secretions from the oral cavity. The system connects directly to standard suction lines.

(800) 323-2220

Mydent International

Mydent International introduced Defend® Ultrasonic Chemical Solutions. The new cleaners are available in a general purpose cleaner, a plaster and stone remover, a tartar and stain remover, and a temporary cement remover. Each container comes color-coded and is sold four gallons to a case.

(800) 275-0020

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