Unique Characteristics of Clostridium difficile

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Speakers: Wava M. Truscott, PhD MBA

Clostridium difficile is recognized as one of the most serious healthcare-associated infections occurring around the world today.  Associated infections may be mild and resolve fairly rapidly after antibiotic cessation, or may be severe, lingering and life-threatening.   Emergence of a new strain, increased virulence of the old pathogen, trending patient vulnerabilities, altered healthcare practices, new reservoirs, are all contributing to the aggressive success of this not-so-glamorous superbug. The purpose of this educational program is to discuss the impact of Clostridium difficile and to describe best practices and new technologies designed to prevent its transmission.


  • Identify conditions and microbial traits that enable C. difficile to be a successful pathogen
  • List complications associated with C. difficile infections
  • Describe best practices for transmission prevention

Eligible for 1.0 contact hour(s) of continuing education

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Wava TruscottWava M. Truscott, PhD MBA
Dr. Wava Truscott is Director, Scientific Affairs and Clinical Education in the Medical Sciences Department of Halyard Health. Dr. Truscott utilizes her years of experience in healthcare, knowledge of disease states and passion for infection prevention, to support product development from healthcare needs through research and development and into product education.