Fit Testing

Fit Testing Healthcare Professionals Can Trust

As a healthcare professional, do you know what to do in the event of a contagious disease outbreak? Does your workplace have a plan for and provide you with the assurance you’ll be safe while at work during such an outbreak? What can you do to ensure your safety, your family's safety and to protect against the spread of disease within the general population? These are important questions to ask as a healthcare professional. Respiratory protection preparedness can be the most important step in the protection of workers from contagious diseases, from a worldwide pandemic or community influenza outbreak in addition to patients with an infectious disease.

In this Whitepaper, you will learn:

  • Why an effective Respiratory Protection Program is essential in order to meet compliance of strict Federal standards and healthcare industry directives.
  • How respirator wearers who undergo fit testing achieve far greater protection than those who have not.
  • What the differences are between Qualitative Fit Testing (QLFT) and Quantitative Fit Testing (QNFT).