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Impact of Advertising on Prescription Drugs

October 3, 2000

WASHINGTON - According to a study by the National Institute for Health Care Management (NIHCM) Research and Educational Foundation, prescription drugs that are heavily advertised to consumers are responsible for a significant portion of t

Drug Mixture May Slow Colon Cancer

October 2, 2000

NEW YORK - A study recently reported in the New England Journal of Medicine found that combining a new drug with the standard ones could more effectively slow end-stage colorectal cancer, slightly prolonging victims' lives.

Average Stay at Hospices Getting Shorter

October 2, 2000

WASHINGTON -- The number of Medicare patients using hospices is increasing however their length of stay is declining, according to a recent government report.

AHP Says Women Should Use Backup to Unit's Norplant

October 2, 2000

MADISON, NJ -- American Home Products Corp (AHP) is advising women who received Norplant contraceptive implants distributed since last October to use a backup form of birth control because the company can't guarantee its effectiveness.

Air Quality Issues

October 1, 2000

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Hospital Air-Quality Monitoring

By Andrew J. Streifel,