CDC's Safe Healthcare Blog Explores the Global Battle Against Antibiotic Resistance

The CDC&rsquo;s Safe Healthcare Blog highlights experts&rsquo; views and involvement on tackling antibiotic resistance as a global threat.<br />

The CDC’s Safe Healthcare Blog highlights experts’ views and involvement on tackling antibiotic resistance as a global threat.
Dr. Ramanan Laximinarayan, director and senior fellow at the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy, reports some clear trends around global antibiotic use and resistance in humans, livestock and the environment and emphasizes antibiotic stewardship programs as the solution. Read more about how a strong antibiotic stewardship is the key to conserving antibiotic effectiveness.

Dr. Benjamin Park, CDC’s International Infection Control Program Chief, discusses antimicrobial resistance as a rising global concern and shares World Health Organization’s global action plan and CDC’s initiatives to combat antimicrobial resistance. Read how you can join the global fight against antimicrobial resistance.

Dr. Lauri Hicks, director of the Office of Antibiotic Stewardship with CDC, and Maha Talaat, deputy director for disease prevention with Global Disease Detection Center in Egypt, describes their joint efforts in improving antibiotic stewardship in Egypt, where antibiotics are available over the counter. They studied what challenges providers faced with antibiotic prescribing and subsequently piloted a campaign to teach people to better use antibiotics correctly. Read more about the campaign and how it reduced antibiotic prescriptions in Egypt.

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