Phytochemicals are a Valuable Source of Bioactive Compounds With Potent Antimicrobial Activities

July 22, 2019

Microbial resistance to classical antibiotics and its rapid progression have raised serious concern in the treatment of infectious diseases. Recently, many studies have been directed toward finding promising solutions to overcome these problems. Phytochemicals have exerted potential antibacterial activities against sensitive and resistant pathogens via different mechanisms of action.

In this review, Khameneh, et al. (2019) have summarized the main antibiotic resistance mechanisms of bacteria and also discussed how phytochemicals belonging to different chemical classes could reverse the antibiotic resistance. Next to containing direct antimicrobial activities, some of them have exerted in vitro synergistic effects when being combined with conventional antibiotics. Considering these facts, it could be stated that phytochemicals represent a valuable source of bioactive compounds with potent antimicrobial activities.

Reference: Khameneh B, et al. Review on plant antimicrobials: a mechanistic viewpoint. Antimicrobial Resistance & Infection Control. 2019;8:118