Author | Saskia v. Popescu, PhD, MPH, MA, CIC


Low-Risk Exposures to COVID-19 Can Sometimes Pack Deadly Punch

July 01, 2020


It’s when infection preventionists leave the hospital or go to get a coffee in the cafeteria, that behaviors can become lax. We opt to take breaks from masking, exhausted from it all.

Emergency Departments Now the Quiet Eye of the COVID Hurricane

June 26, 2020


While the rest of the hospital bustles with energy as healthcare workers fight COVID-19, emergency departments have been oddly quiet because of the drop in elective surgeries.

Infection Preventionists Prepare to Ride the Second Wave of COVID

June 17, 2020


Those of us in healthcare and infection prevention must focus on sustainable efforts to combat COVID-19. How do we maintain readiness and response without burnout? There’s no solid answer to this, but a big piece really goes into the establishment of plans and education. 

COVID-19 Lesson: How IPs Can Ensure We Never Run Out of PPE Again

June 10, 2020


In many cases, the relationship between IP and the supply chain department is passive and fluctuates with emergencies or new products. What if, though, we worked to have a more proactive relationship that involved weekly meetings regarding the level of supplies, like PPE?