Case Study: Aurora Health Care System Standardizes to Drive Improvement

May 26, 2016

Report Summary

As a 35-year veteran of environmental services, Scott Hedding, MBA, FACHE, the system director of environmental services for Aurora Health Care in Milwaukee, Wis., understands fully the critical role that his department plays in patient safety and infection prevention. He champions the 500 environmental services professionals that are in the 1,700-bed Aurora Health Care system, driving home the importance of quality improvement, personnel engagement in that process, and personal accountability for keeping patients safe and free from infection. Hedding shares his perspectives on motivating and leading his staff and introducing best practices and new products into existing programs and protocols successfully.

Editor's take

Even the best environmental services programs need training and auditing programs in place to ensure that cleaning and disinfection processes are done correctly and consistently.

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Learn how one healthcare system implemented an effective cleaning and disinfection system
  • Discover why collaboration is key to program success
  • Review lessons learned from a standardization initiative