Case Medical

Case Medical® offers innovative products for the world healthcare community. The SteriTite® sealed container system and MediTray® products provide an easy-to-use and cost-effective system for the organization, protection, sterilization and storage of medical devices. The universal container system can be used in all current methods of sterilization including steam, EO, gas plasma and flash. Case Solutions® are highly effective multi-enzymatic cleaners. The companys innovative technology contributes to standardization and to safer, more effective clinical outcomes.

AORN booth 2211


Designed with infection control in mind, IKEYs SlimKey-MD family of sealed, medical keyboards can be wiped down using any hospital cleaning agent. Ideal for use in ORs, the extremely compact SlimKey-MDs are available with an optional integrated mouse, a disable switch, and the convenience of optional backlit keys. In addition IKEY has recently released its latest infection control solution, the sealed and liquid-proof AquaPoint optical mouse.

AORN booth 2959

Colby Manufacturing

Colby Manufacturing cares about your safety! Fluid waste control products protect you from exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Choose from three textural configurations of SurgiSafe® Absorbent Floor Pads in various sizes suitable for any wet floor situation or the WaterBug® Floor Suction Unit that connects to wall suction to quietly and effortlessly glide over floors, removing fluids during fluid-intense procedures. Vira- Sorb® Super Solidifier gels in seconds to safely transport canister contents without splashing, spilling or leaking.

AORN Booth 224

Dornoch Medical Systems Inc.

Dornoch Medical Systems Inc., the nations leading supplier of infectious waste disposal systems, has recently installed its Transposal Systems at leading U.S. medical facilities, including Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis, and University of Iowa Medical Center. Their decision to install the Transposal Infectious Fluid Collection and Disposal System is due to Transposals unprecedented combination of safety, reusability and high capacity while reducing operating costs. It is the only completely closed system on the market.

AORN Booth 2752


DuPont Medical Fabrics is launching DuPont Suprel medical fabric for orthopedic drapes. This fabric offers a high level of fluid protection, strength and is low linting. The new drapes for high-fluid orthopedic surgery are available form Medline. Suprel has also become a preferred medical fabric for surgical gowns. DuPont Tyvek® and DuPont Surlyn® for medical packaging also will be featured at AORN.

AORN Booth 1729

Ecolab Healthcare

Ecolab Healthcares new Endure 450 Surgical and Healthcare Personnel Hand Antiseptic with Moisturizers the ORs strongest, brushless, waterless hand scrub is also its mildest. Fast-acting and long-lasting, Endure 450s patented APT technology provides persistent antimicrobial protection for up to six hours and its advance system of moisturizers actually rehydrates and maintains skin health with every application.

AORN Booth 1063


Visit 3M Health Care to see how 3M can help healthcare facilities reduce risk of healthcare-associated infections with a comprehensive system of products, services and technical support. 3M Infection Prevention Solutions a vitaal step in infection prevention.

AORN booth 939

Censis Technologies

Censitrac, from Censis Technologies, is the first surgical instrument management system capable of tracking individual instruments. Censitrac utilizes a proprietary marking technology to bond a permanent mark on surgical instruments, provides readers to interpret the mark and proprietary software resulting in the most comprehensive surgical instrument management system available. Accurate tray assembly, proper instrument maintenance, sterilization documentation, case tracking for infection control, employee productivity and equipment logistic management are monitored through the Censitrac reporting package.

AORN booth 158/16

Mobile Instrument

Mobile Instrument is proud to introduce SpeedLock Laparoscopic Instrumentation. SpeedLock instruments can be disassembled in three simple steps for thorough cleaning and have an irrigation port used for flushing out the barrel when complete disassembly is not desired. These instruments have been counter-designed to prevent common malfunctions often found in other modular instrument designs. Speed- Lock instruments make for a valuable upgrade to a facilitys current instrument lineup and are great as a replacement in the repair cycle. See the advantages of the new Speedlock instrument line at AORN.

AORN Booth 1829


Ruhof is an innovator and leading manufacturer world renowned for offering reliable solutions and individualized service to help you meet and exceed your decontam and materials management challenges. Ruhof created the first enzymatic cleaner in 1976 and now has a full line of enzymatic detergents, rust and stain removers, instrument lubricants, autoclave cleaners, and many more revolutionary products that significantly reduce cross contamination while lowering repair and replacement costs on all surgical instruments and scopes.

AORN Booth 1111


SPSmedical will be giving away an American Express Gift Check each day to promote their 24 hour reduced incubation BI for the STERIS SYSTEM 1 sterilizer process. This product offers cost savings, faster BI results and improved storage conditions over competing products. Come register for our daily drawing and find out more about SPSmedical products for improved sterility assurance!

AORN Booth 1152


The Amsco® Sterilization Container System provides OR managers and central service professionals with a simple and reliable method for managing instrument processing, storage and transport. Engineered from a tough composite material, the containers are resistant to chemicals, dents, rough handling and distortion. Use of the Amsco Container System eliminates the need to wrap instruments, protects instruments during sterilization, and improves instrument shelf life after sterilization. A variety of available accessories can further organize and secure valuable instruments.

AORN Booth 139

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