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Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP)

ASP has launched the STERRAD® NX Sterilization System, a new, fast, low-temperature hydrogen peroxide gas plasma system, which enables terminal sterilization of a wide variety of surgical instruments. Instruments such as cameras, light cords, drills and batteries can be processed in the standard 28-minute cycle, and a 38-minute advanced cycle time is now available for single- channel flexible endoscopes.



Unotron offers SpillSeal® washable computer keyboards which safeguard against the threat of infection. Keyboards now can be disinfected throughout the facility using hospital-grade cleansers and rinsed under running water. SpillSeal protected keyboards have individually sealed keys, providing the touch response users expect while protecting the keyboard from liquid or airborne penetration.

(800) 381-5817

Medline Industries, Inc.

SilvaSorb® Site offers highly-effective, pediatric-safe protection against infection through its advanced silver antimicrobial technology. Available in two sizes, the dressing wraps snugly around catheters, CV lines, feeding tubes and other medical devices inserted into the skin. The sustained release antimicrobial silver inhibits bacteria growth by 99.99 percent and allows SilvaSorb Site to stay in place for up to seven days. The dressing is self-regulating, requiring no wetting or rewetting to activate.


Kimberly-Clark Health Care

Kimberly-Clark Health Cares surgical gowns will now be visually branded to identify and select the right gown for the right procedure. The Kimberly-Clark Color-Key is made up of three color-coded components; including neck bands, individual gown packages and tie cards. The Color-Keys three colors denote different types of surgical gowns; yellow for nonreinforced surgical gowns, green for fabric reinforced surgical gowns and red for impervious-type surgical gowns. Tie cards will feature the Kimberly-Clark Color-Key, providing an added measure to confirm the type of gown the colored neckband represents.

(800) KC-HELPS


Steritools critical clean locking pliers are ideal for use with a gloved hand in clean room environments. Its smooth, rounded edges, recessed rivets and flat, easy-to-clean surfaces are manufactured from stainless steel and can be autoclaved repeatedly. The smooth gliding release bar on the handle is easily reached with one finger, enabling easy, one-handed opening and closing. Sizes include a 5-inch and 7-inch curved jaw, a 7-inch straight jaw, and 6-inch and 11-inch long nose models.

(800) 822-3620

Triosyn Corp.

The new Triosyn T-3000 Respirator, with antimicrobial product protection, offers reliable and consistent protection from bacteria, spores and viruses. The T-3000 Respirator uses the Triosyn® T50 Powder with anti-microbial protection, which provides the respirator with additional product protection from microorganisms. The T-3000s ability to trap biological agents is maintained throughout the life of the product. Its flat-fold design and individual packaging provides convenient storage options and improved accessibility.

(866) 865-5084

Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp.

Spectrum Surgical Instruments offers a complete line of surgical instrument stringers. Spectrums stringers assist in tray assembly by saving space, keeping the instruments in order and keeping the instruments open during sterilization. Made from surgical stainless steel, Spectrum offers eight styles of stringer including quick racks, T-Shaped, U-Shaped, Open-Ended, End Gate, Center Locking, Center Locking with Hook, and Bunt Rings.

(800) 444-5644

Sandel Medical Industries

Sandel Medical Industries now features a Total Sharps Safety System. The disposable Weighted Safety Scalpel has a lockable safety shield that slides over the knife blade when not in use. The Safety Scalpel line now includes scalpels with a No. 3 handle, a No. 4 handle with a No. 20 blade, and carbon steel blades. The Z-Tray, a passing tray with oval shaped sides and a staggered bottom, offers easy pick up, provides a hands-free transfer of sharps and is now available in an extendable tray to accommodate long instruments. Completing the system is the ZInstrument Drape which features a nonskid surface.

(866) 764-3327

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