Seeing the Light: Evidence Mounts for the Use of UV Technology to Reduce Surface Microbial Loads, Boost Manual Cleaning and Disinfection

December 15, 2015

Report Summary

This report summarizes and synthesizes studies from the medical literature examining the efficacy and benefits of using germicidal UV-C light technology to enhance manual cleaning and disinfection of healthcare environmental surfaces.

Editor's Take

Hear from three experts regarding their experiences using a UV disinfection unit and how the technology helped cut costs, reduce infection rates and bolster disinfection practices. As expert David Pegues notes, the acquisition cost of these units is relatively modest compared to what it takes for environmental services personnel to perform the same function. He adds that facilities can avoid the excess costs that would result from treating Clostridium difficile infections. By preventing infections, healthcare institutions prevent harm and save money.

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Review studies from the medical literature that address UV disinfection
  • Discover how UV technology was used in several healthcare institutions under real-world conditions
  • Learn about potential cost savings associated with the use of automated area decontamination technology