Understanding the Essentials of Germicidal UV Light

February 18, 2015

Report Summary

This report explains the basics of germicidal ultraviolet light for application in the healthcare environment. It reviews the mechanisms for pathogen deactivation, plus explores the variables of UV-C efficacy, the caveats with the use of this kind of technology, and cost considerations. It also provides advice for evaluating and purchasing UV disinfection devices.

Editor's Take

Healthcare facilities wanting to supplement their existing environmental hygiene strategies are exploring how ultraviolet light can bolster manual cleaning and disinfection practices. It is critical to note that experts emphasize that a comprehensive, multi-modal approach to environmental cleaning is imperative and that technology should be an adjunct intervention to routine manual cleaning and disinfection protocols.

Takeaways for Your Business

  • UV disinfection provides a viable adjunct to manual environmental cleaning and disinfection
  • Considerations should be given to how, where and why germicidal UV light will be utilized
  • Clinicians and administrators should monitor the literature for evidence of technology effectiveness