Year in Review: Environmental Hygiene

With 2010 coming to a close quickly, ICT presents the top news items and articles of 2010 relating to environmental hygiene, ranked in order of popularity based on Web clicks by ICT readers. Sponsored by Copper Development Association.

Sponsored by Copper Development Association.

1. ASHES at 25: Celebrating and Championing the Environmental Services Profession

2. Cleaning Intervention Cuts C. difficile Acquisition Rates by One-Third


3. Guidelines for Evaluating New Technologies for Infection Control


4. Researchers Define 'High-Touch' Surfaces in Hospitals


5. Housekeeping Hot Spots for Germs


6. Survey Shows Infection Preventionists Teaming Up With Environmental Services


7. Steel and Glass Surfaces Among the Environmental Factors That Help Avian Flu Virus Survive


8. Level of Bacteria on Elevator Buttons 40 Times Higher Than on Public Toilet Seats


9. Eradicating C. diff Spores from Toilets of Hospitalized Patients


10. Daily Bleach Cleaning Reduces VRE Bacteremia Rates

11. Using ATP in Healthcare Settings

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