The Critical Role of Point-of-use Pre-Cleaning in Instrument Reprocessing Workflows

October 3, 2018

Healthcare organizations accredited by the Joint Commission continue to discover serious non-compliance issues with the Infection Prevention and Control Standard IC.02.02.01. Organizations continue to be in non-compliance by not having robust processes in place to reduce the risk of infections associated with medical devices. These breaches are specific to High-Level Disinfection of semi-critical devices and sterilization of critical devices; both pose a potential risk of infection to patients. Learn key aspects of the instruments reprocessing procedure and how to protect patients and staff.

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Metrex has been protecting people across healthcare for 30 years. We believe that no one should ever have to fight for their health over an infection they did not have when they entered a healthcare facility, and we will work tirelessly to support healthcare professionals in the fight against hospital acquired infections, so focus can be put on the most important thing: Getting the patient better.


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