Kimberly-Clark Awarded Novation Contract for Patient-Warming System

December 2, 2005

ROSWELL, Ga. ­- Kimberly-Clark Health Care announced today that Novation, the contracting arm of VHA Inc. and the University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC), has awarded the company a three-year contract for the KIMBERLY-CLARK* Patient Warming System. 

 After a thorough product and documentation review by the Novation Anesthesia Council and Novation Perioperative Council, which include clinicians and purchasing executives from VHA and UHC member hospitals, the KIMBERLY-CLARK* Patient Warming System was found to offer proprietary technological advantages in managing patient temperature during specific procedures.  Therefore, the contract was not competitively bid, but was awarded through Novations new technology evaluation process.

We applaud Novations dedication to ensuring that VHA and UHC member facilities have access to savings on the latest technological advancements in warming technology, in this case, direct conduction, said Tim Dye, general manager of critical care and temperature management for Kimberly-Clark Health Care. We are pleased that the Councils found that, through the proper use of our warming system, facilities can reduce the negative clinical and financial impacts of hypothermia, the most frequent and preventable surgical complication.  In addition, the Novation Anesthesia Council and Novation Perioperative Council determined that the System can have significant benefits when used in trauma cases to elevate patient temperature rapidly while not limiting access to injuries.

According to John Amat, vice president of global marketing for Kimberly-Clark Health Care, the companys strategic initiative for the coming years will be the prevention and management of healthcare-associated infections through product innovation and education. The KIMBERLY-CLARK* Patient Warming System is a perfect example of a clinical solution that has a direct impact on the reduction of health care associated infections. By having a contract in place with Novation, we hope to give VHA and UHC members one less thing to worry about as they strive to reduce infection rates and ultimately improve clinical outcomes within their facilities.

Source: Kimberly-Clark Health Care