2017 Infection Prevention and Control State of the Industry

June 1, 2017

Report Summary

This state-of-the-industry report explores the many factors that influence an infection preventionist's work performance, job satisfaction and thoughts for the future. It presents the findings of a survey of ICT readers who share their experiences relating to key issues that are shaping the profession, and synthesizes new and recent guidance for the management of infection prevention and control programs.

Editor's Take

ICT's survey of IPs found that novices, veterans and everyone in between currently comprise the IP workforce. Sixteen percent of respond-ents indicated they had worked in infection prevention for more than 20 years or more, while 10 percent had 15 to 20 years of experience, 20 percent had 10 to 15 years under their belts, and 64 percent had one to 10 years of experience. In that time, most IPs have seen the advent of healthcare reform and the ever-shifting political landscape that has helped craft the field.


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