New Wisconsin HAI Report Shows Improvements in 2012

May 5, 2013

The Wisconsin Division of Public Healths annual Healthcare-Associated Infections Prevention Program report shows more healthcare facilities in the state met or exceeded the national standard for many infection rates in 2012.

Midline Catheters: An Essential Tool in CLABSI Reduction

March 15, 2013

The confluence of recent economic factors and emerging clinical evidence now makes the use of central venous access devices (CVADs) far less desirable than in the past. Conversely, the same factors and facts greatly enhance the appeal of midline catheterscatheters measuring 3 to 8 inches in length, inserted in an upper arm vein and with tip location distal to the shoulder.(1,2) Evidence now demonstrates that certain Midlines offer patients the possibility of full length of stay infusion therapy, with reduced risk of bloodstream infection and avoidance of repetitive needlesticks for labs and restarts. Thus, in many cases, midlines are becoming the go-to device for safe, uninterrupted intravenous (IV) therapy.