General HAIs

Reduce Splashes, Increase Infection Prevention

May 6, 2015

Slips, trips, falls and sharps are widely recognized as potential occupational risks in the healthcare industry.  However, there is another dangerous hazard that often goes unnoticed and underreported—splashes.

Loyola Honored for Study on Infection Prevention Initiative

March 29, 2015

Jorge Parada, MD, hospital epidemiologist and medical director of the Infection Prevention and Control Program at Loyola University Health System, will receive the Implementation Science Award at the annual meeting of the Association for

5 Must-Have Resources for Patient Safety in Hospitals

March 6, 2015

Every healthcare organization need supplies and tools to achieve high quality care, but patient safety resources can be a difficult goal to plan into a hospital budget. Though we tend to think of a hospital as the place where patients find care rather than dangers, patients do face risks inherent to a caregiving facility. To ensure patient safety, hospitals often purchase these five must-have supplies, tools and resources: