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Legionnaires' Disease infects 33

November 17, 2000

Associated Press

BARCELONA, Spain - Investigators were scouring ventilation and water systems for the source of bacteria that has infected at least 33 people with Legionnaires' disease, health officials said Thursday.

Needle stick prevention bill includes new workplace rules

November 10, 2000

WASHINGTON--- Each year 600,000 to 800,000 health care workers, including many physicians, are accidentally stuck by contaminated needles or other sharp objects. A bill that recently passed Congress aims to reduce that number.

Death toll in Uganda Ebola outbreak rises to 96

November 9, 2000

KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) - The number of new Ebola cases in Uganda is declining but four more people died in the past 24 hours, bring the death toll from an outbreak of the deadly virus in the East African nation to 96, a health official sai

Preventing Infections:

November 1, 2000

Preventing Infections:
A Case Study on Continuous Infusion of b-Lactam Antibiotics

By Jodi Amendola