Infection Control Today - 02/2004: TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY

SARGENT Manufacturing

SARGENT Manufacturing introduces SARGuard antimicrobial finish for its architectural hardware, employing a proprietary compound of silver ions produced by AgION Technologies. This non-toxic material is approved by the EPA and is FDA and NSF listed. It permanently suppresses the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold and mildew. SARGuard is ideal for hospitals, schools, assisted living facilities anywhere there is concern about bacterial spread. SARGuard is available on all SARGENT product lines.

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Bemis introduces the SharpSentinel® Wall Cabinet system to its sharps container line. Available in 5-quart and 3-gallon sizes, these cabinets are ideal for patient rooms, exam rooms, physician and dentist offices and any other areas where staff supervision is limited. The cabinets neutral color blends with any decor and the tinted door obscures contents, yet allows easy visibility of fill level. Made of tough ABS plastic, theyre durable, easy to clean, and stain resistant. All cabinets are keyed alike for added convenience. Optional glove box holder snaps onto bottom of cabinets.

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Medline Industries, Inc.

Aloetouch Ease®, a glove coated on the inside with natural aloe vera gel, is now available in an anatomically correct fitting version. Made from premium, low protein latex, Aloetouch Ease is powder-free and manufactured in a similar process to surgical gloves, which enables the thumb to be placed according to the natural configuration of the hand. The glove features a textured finish on the palm and fingers to enhance gripping. Aloetouch gloves are also available in a latex-free, synthetic style and in a powderfree nitrile line.

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Cardinal Health Inc.

Cardinal Health introduces the Neu-Thera formulation in its leading line of Esteem synthetic examination and surgical gloves. The emollient improves skin health and protects hands from irritation. Esteem surgical gloves are made of polyisoprene, which is known for its strength and barrier properties, elasticity and softness. Esteem examination gloves are made from nitrile. In addition, Cardinal Health has a more complete line of latex and synthetic examination gloves to meet the needs of healthcare professionals in the lab, physicians office, hospital and other health-care settings.

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Shepard Medical Products

The CareMates Antiseptic Instant Hand Sanitizer is an instant, waterless alternative to hand washing with soap and water, destroying germs and bacteria commonly associated with disease and infection. The addition of aloe moisturizing ingredients keeps hands moist, preventing dry and cracked skin. The hand sanitizer is available in eight- and 16-ounce bottles as well as a 1,000mm pouch with wall-mounted dispenser.

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MPS Acacia

The Smart SafetyHuber Needle infusion set is designed to eliminate accidental needlestick injuries, particularly rebound injuries during removal from subcutaneously implanted ports. Its safety mechanism deploys a sheath that covers the needle when de-accessing it from the implanted port. An audible click provides the clinician with confirmation that the safety feature has been activated. Other design features include one-hand usage, push button activation, secure easy grip and integrated comfort pad. The device is offered with a wide-range of needle gauges, lengths and needleless Y-sites.

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