Infection Control Today - 07/2004: Product Locator

July 1, 2004

Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp.

Spectrum introduces Gomco Circumcision Clamps to its extensive
line of surgical accessory products. Made in the United States, these
chrome-plated clamps are reusable and can withstand repeated steam sterilization
cycles. Gomco Circumcision Clamps consist of four individual parts, so
it is not necessary to purchase an entire clamp when only a part is needed.
Spectrum offers a free sizing service whereby customers can send in their Gomco
clamps and Spectrum will size, test and reassemble them.

(800) 444-5644

Regeneration Technologies, Inc.

Regeneration Technologies, Inc. (RTI) has developed and
launched the BioCleanse® Tissue Sterilization Process in the United States,
which is an FDA-reviewed, automated, pharmaceutical grade chemical sterilization
process for musculoskeletal bone. This process is designed to kill or inactivate
all classes of conventional pathogens, viruses, microbes, bacteria and fungi. An
important element of the BioCleanse process is that while it removes unwanted
materials embedded within the tissue, it maintains the tissues structural
integrity and compression strength.

(800) 624-7238


Sani-Wipe No Rinse Hard Surface Sanitizing Wipes help prevent
food-borne illness from cross-contamination of bacteria on hard surfaces. Sani-Wipe kills 99.999 percent of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli (0157:H7)
and Shigella boydii in 60 seconds on food contact surfaces. The wipe can
also be used to sanitize non-food contact surfaces. The sanitizing agent is a
quat/alcohol solution that maintains a consistent strength of slightly less than
200 ppm for a period of two years.

(800) 444-6725

BD VaxiNet

Complete immunization data management platform configurable to
any vaccine, disease or outbreak scenario. The BD VaxiNet® platform supports data entry and adverse
event management in remote locations and assists in reaching under-immunized
populations and individuals. Digital imaging, annotations and remote expert
consultation and data sharing provide immediate evidence analysis and real-time
response capabilities to adverse events. Remote access to immunization data and
statistical reports improves disease surveillance and outbreak containment in
case of virulent epidemics and bio-terror scenarios.

(201) 847-5891

Regent Medical

Regent Medical expands their Customer-Driven Gloving Solution® portfolio with Biogel® Skinsense® PI. This powder-free, synthetic glove can be worn by itself or
doublegloved over the Biogel Skinsense N Universal glove to function as a
puncture indication system for increased barrier protection. Constructed of
polyisoprene the synthetic material with the same molecular structure as
natural rubber latex Biogel Skinsense PI has a curved finger design for a
natural fit with a micro-roughened surface.

(800) 843-8497

Tronex Healthcare Industries

Tronex Healthcare Industries introduces Synthetic Powder Free
Vitamin E Examination Gloves. Tronex Brand Vitamin E gloves are an excellent
choice for individuals considering alternatives to latex in the healthcare
industry. These specially designed gloves contain vitamin E to help protect
skin. Latex-free and protein-free, these gloves are manufactured in ISO 9001
certified factories, exceed FDA510 (K) requirements and are available in sizes
small, medium, large and extra large.

(800) 833-1181

Hypoguard Futura® Safety

The only line of disposable safety scalpels featuring
automated blade retraction, Futura Safety Scalpels from Hypoguard, Inc. have
been newly released with improved packaging. The proprietary safety technology
remains unchanged, as the clinician controls the in-use or safety position of
the blade via a locking inset. One-handed device activation away from the blade
provides unparalleled tactile feedback, allowing the user to focus on the
surgical site. Color coded for easy identification, multiple blade sizes are

(800) 818-8877


Nextteq provides Gastecs Extra Low Range Ethylene Oxide
Detector Tube No. 163LL. With a minimum detectable limit of 0.05 ppm, Tube No.
163LL is designed to provide users with the lowest measuring range available. In
minutes, Tube No. 163LL provides a total measuring range of 0.1-10 ppm, well
within the ACGIH Time Weighted Average (TWA) of 1 ppm. Nextteq is Gastecs
exclusive U.S. master wholesale distributor. Gastec tubes and pumps are
manufactured by the Gastec Corporation.

(877) 312-2333