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Medline Industries, Inc.

The new HaloShield reusable underpads are designed to control odors by killing bacteria. They are infused with the patented HaloShield technology, which is a durable coating that binds chlorine molecules, used during a regular wash cycle, to nearly any textile. Normally, chlorine evaporates from untreated fabric soon after laundering, but the HaloShield treatment binds chlorine to the product throughout its life cycle. The antimicrobial properties of the chlorine are renewed each time the sheet is laundered in an EPA-registered chlorine-based sanitizer.

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Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp.

The new disposable Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease (CJD) identification set, comprised entirely of Pakistan-made instruments, includes a Hudson Brace, a McKenzie Bur, Gigli wire saw and handles, bipolar bayonet forceps, standard bayonet forceps, a Foerester Sponge forceps, Metzenbaum and Mayo scissors, a Mayo Hegar needle holder, two sizes of Frazier suction tubes, a Freer periosteal elevator, and four Halsted-Mosquito forceps.

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Bio-Medical Devices International, Inc.

Bio-Medical Devices International Inc. (BMDI), a leader in personal respiratory protection and infection control barriers, has introduced the MAXAIR Respiratory Protection System to the healthcare market. This innovative, hose-free powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) sets a new standard for the industry, offering healthcare workers protection and comfort. The system is designed to provide HEPA-level protection not just around the users nose and mouth (as with face masks), but also for the entire face, head and neck.

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The Spray Gun is a tool for cleaning cannulas, endoscopes, glassware, pipettes, syringes, catheters, curettes, cystoscopes and other instruments used in surgery centers and clinics. The Spray Gun has a heatinsulated grip and uses either water or pressurized air for cleaning, and features an internal flow-control mechanism that permits the adjustment of the water or airflow across the entire range of the trigger movement.

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Super Sani-Cloth Germicidal Disposable Wipes contain 55 percent alcohol and are designed to kill TB and RSV in one minute; HBV and HIV-I in two minutes; methicillinresistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE) in five minutes, and kill a total of 17 microorganisms. They are made to fit into the Sani-Bracket Wall and Mobile Equipment Attachment System for easy access.

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The Canica-Safety Handle is the first reusable safety handle designed to reduce the risk of sharps injuries. The scalpel blade retracts safely inside the handle before passing, and incorporates touchless disposal of used blades. It features blade identification even when the blade is retracted, a laser-etched scale for measurements, and it has an ergonomic, non-slip grip with an ambidextrous design. The scalpel handle is manufactured from anodized aluminum and stainless steel with measurement marks on one side.

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The Ozone Sterilizer uses oxygen in a process to manufacture its own sterilant, ozone. The sterilizer sterilizes heat- sensitive instruments at low temperature using a safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly process with no toxic residue.

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Regent Medical

Regent Medical now offers Biogel® Skinsense, a powder-free, synthetic glove that can be worn alone or over the Biogel Skinsense Universal glove as a puncture-indication system. Constructed of polyisoprene, with the same molecular structure as natural rubber latex, Biogel Skinsense PI has a curved-finger design, a micro-roughened surface, and is powder-free. The gloves contain a polymer coating for donning with damp or dry hands. They are 100 percent air-inflated and visually inspected following ASTM standards. Half sizes are available from 5.5 to 9.


The SporView PA Culture Set is designed to be the fastest biological monitoring system for determining sterility of the STERIS System 1 sterilizer. The SporView gives a culture readout in 24 hours, determining whether the Steris needs servicing. It fits existing incubators and can be stored at room temperature. The product is sold 25 tests per box and a record notebook is available to store test results.

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Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp.

The Flexible Scope Valve and Channel Cleaning Brush measures 240 centimeters in overall length and has been designed with two distinct brush ends for cleaning flexible endoscopes. The Valve Cleaning brush end is ideal for cleaning the air/water and suction valves, and has a specially designed stopper that prevents the user from inserting the brush too deep. The Channel Cleaning end is designed for cleaning the biopsy channel of a flexible endoscope and comes with a unique tip which helps guide the brush through the channel.

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HealthCare Logistics

Quickly and easily sanitize hands, put on gloves, or wipe off a workstation while wearing the Personal Protection Belt. The belt features removable hook-and-loop pockets, holsters and pouches. Medium holsters are perfect for lotions, instant hand-sanitizers, and surface wipes, while two pockets with fold-over flaps provide space for gloves, antibacterial wipes, tissues, scissors, notepads, sprays and other items. It also features an ID and pen pouch.

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Ansell Healthcare Products LLC

Ansell Healthcare, a global leader in healthcare barrier protective products, announces the launch of its new Micro-Touch Smooth Nitrile powder-free, latex-free examination gloves. The glove is designed to provide excellent resistance to chemicals and to punctures, and is FDA-approved for handling chemotherapy drugs. This non-sterile, 100 percent nitrile glove reduces powder- and latex-related complications for both the healthcare professional and patient. Its smooth finish provides superior tactile sensitivity, while its blue color makes it easy to identify as a nitrile glove.

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MYCO Medical

The Qlicksmart flask and mounting bracket trolley offers healthcare workers a safe alternative to conventional scalpel blade removal. It can be fixed either to a bench, wall or cart. The scalpel handle and blade is inserted into the slot in the flask and advanced until a click is heard. The handle is withdrawn and the blade remains sealed inside the leak-proof flask for later disposal. The flask can hold up to 100 sharps.

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Mydent International

DEFEND Omni-Care7 Lotion Soap is a convenient and effective antiseptic soap that features an anti-oxidant formula with antimicrobial Para Chloro Meta Xylenol (PCMX), an antiseptic, providing extra protection. Omni-Care 7 contains seven natural ingredients and incorporates Bio-Structure, an all-natural herbal ingredient that gently cleanses without harsh chemicals. Aloe and Vitamin E help condition the skin and provides added protection against the effects of frequent washing.

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PA Follett Corporation

PA Follett Corporation offers a SensorSAFE infrared dispensing option on its line of ice and water dispensers designed to increase on-floor sanitation and reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Because there is no lever for the container to touch, contamination is reduced. More than 30 models of SensorSAFE dispensers are available in countertop, floor and wall-mount configurations storing 12, 25, 50 or 90 pounds of ice.

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Studies show that silver applied in the form of SilvaSorb Gel is designed to be highly effective against MRSA, a strain of Staphylococcus aureus which is resistant to traditional antibiotics. As the only silver antimicrobial product available today in a gel form, SilvaSorb Gel is easy to apply on most types of wounds and burns, making it a uniquely multi-purpose antimicrobial. Since 1993 AcryMed has developed a number of new technologies that incorporate the most advanced thinking in wound-care management.

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