Kimberly-Clark Professional Offers Web-Based Guides for Health and Hygiene

ROSWELL, Ga. -- Kimberly-Clark Professional introduces Workplace Wellness Guides, a series of web-based guides relating to health and hygiene issues in away-from-home settings.  The guides are available for downloading and printing at


The Workplace Wellness Guides series looks at health and hygiene concerns from the perspective of different away-from-home settings:


-- Office Buildings: Helps building owners and facility managers create more hygienic restrooms and reduce the spread of infections among employees and visitors to their building.  Note:  A Tips for Tenants version is also available for building management to share with tenants.  This version reviews respiratory and restroom etiquette as well as the importance of handwashing and surface sanitation while at work.


-- Lodging Properties:  Provides tips for cleaning and sanitation in guest rooms and bathrooms, public restrooms, and around the property, including back-of-the-house areas.  Note:  A Tips for Guests version is also available for lodging managers to share with guests.  This version reviews respiratory and restroom etiquette as well as the importance of handwashing and surface sanitation while traveling.


-- Healthcare Facilities:  Designed for any/all healthcare industry workers, this guide offers detailed recommendations for respiratory etiquette, provides tips for creating a more hygienic restroom, and stresses the importance of proper hand hygiene and surface sanitation in reducing the spread of nosocomial infections.


-- Manufacturing/Industrial Facilities:  Created with the general employee in mind, this guide reviews health and safety issues relating to the use of laundered shop towels, provides tips for avoiding germs in the restroom/locker room, and offers other common-sense advice for keeping germs and illness at bay while at work.


-- Educational Facilities:  Written for administrative and maintenance staff, this guide addresses problems with dirty student restrooms and offers advice for reducing student absenteeism via proper surface sanitation, good hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.  It also discusses food borne illness and ways to minimize its spread.


Visit the Kimberly-Clark Professional web site at


Source: Kimberly-Clark Professional


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