Environmental Services

Room Turnover Times: 'Trash-and-Dash' Approach Jeopardizes Patient Outcomes

September 17, 2015

Environmental hygiene, at its best, follows a prescribed set of steps in an evidence-based protocol, and guided by best-practice recommendations. Deviate from this protocol, or worse yet, cut corners, and patient outcomes can be jeopardized. As hospitals respond to the call to do more with less, the expediency with which patient rooms are turned over is increasing, leading some experts to sound the alarm about compromising patient safety.

AHE Certification Program Trains the Individual, Elevates the Environmental Services Profession

September 17, 2015

Environmental services professionals play a crucial role in helping to prevent the spread of infections in patients, and to boost their ongoing education and training, the Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) of the American Hospital Association (AHA) is introducing a new certification program for these frontline technicians that will enhance their competencies. The Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Technician (CHEST) credential ensures that the cleaning practices in hospitals and other healthcare environments are superior and directly corre-late to help make a positive impact on infection rates, costs, quality of care, patient experience and outcomes. 

Quality Improvement in Environmental Services: Sustaining Gains Requires Communication, Collaboration

September 11, 2014

Quality improvement (QI) in healthcare is a noble initiative but an increasing number of clinicians and administrators are wondering if such efforts are paying off in terms of better outcomes and whether or not they can be sustained long-term. Some studies indicate an ongoing disconnect between QI program goals and actual results. As Schouten, et al. (2008) remark, "The multi-institutional, quality improvement collaborative is widely accepted as a strategy in healthcare. Its widespread acceptance and use are not, however, based on a systematic assessment of effectiveness."

AHE Presents 2013 Recognition Awards

September 26, 2013

The Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) announces the recipients of the 2013 Recognition Awards for excellence in caring for the environment, volunteer service, mentorship and environmental sustainability.