Environmental Services

Panel Tackles Environmental Hygiene-Related Issues

September 29, 2011

A panel discussion, "Improving Patient Outcomes: Building Bridges Between Infection Preventionists and Environmental Services Professionals," was held at the AHE annual conference Sept. 27, 2011. Panel members were William Rutala and Ruth Carrico, as well as Linda Dickey, RN, MPH, CIC; Marita Nash, MBA, CHESP; and Kathy Roye-Horn, RN, CIC. These experts in infection prevention and environmental hygiene discussed disinfection as a patient-safety issue, as well as explored the role of the healthcare environment in pathogen transmission.

How to Beat the 'Contagion' in Our Hospitals: Call Housekeeping

September 23, 2011

In the last sentence of his review of the recent No. 1 box office hit "Contagion," film critic Roger Ebert writes, "You might be surprised by how many hospital patients die because of viruses they didn't walk in with." Now, theres an idea for an even scarier sequel. And in this film, the unlikely heroes just might be found in housekeeping. Its with environmental services (EVS) in mind that my company, UMF Corporation, created the Hygiene Specialist Excellence award, for which were currently seeking nominations.