Sterilis Introduces New Approach to Treating Medical Waste

March 28, 2017

Sterilis LLC, an innovator in regulated medical waste management, introduces a dramatically different approach to treating regulated medical waste, enabling healthcare and public health facilities to reduce risk, liability and operational

Product Evaluation & Purchasing: Temperature Management Technology in the OR

March 27, 2017

Maintaining normothermia of the surgical patient is part of the prevention of surgical site infections, and a study by Steelman, et al. (2013) found that perioperative hypothermia was among the top patient safety issues identified by perioperative nurses. In this study, AORN members employed in ambulatory and hospital settings (N = 37,022) received an electronic survey; of the 3,137 returned surveys that contained complete information, 966 respondents (30.8 percent) identified prevention of hypothermia as a high priority. However, debate over the safety of forced-air warming systems continues, and clinicians should first and foremost consider all sides of the argument when making product evaluation and purchasing decisions. Alternatives to forced-air warming include direct-conduction fluid warming systems and systems that use conductive fabric technology. Conductive fabric systems do not require the use of a disposable blanket, which can help reduce waste and keep costs down.

Product Evaluation & Purchasing: IV and Catheter-Related Technology

March 3, 2017

In this new series for 2017, we offer insights from experts in industry and in healthcare delivery regarding smart evaluation and purchasing of infection prevention and control-related products. In this installment, we address IV and catheter-related products.