Infection Control Today - 03/2003: TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY

Spectrum Surgical Instruments

Spectrum announces the design of two new nylon bristle brushes to assist in the weekly cleaning of steam sterilizers. Designed with a telescopic handle which converts from 24 inches to 48 inches, the brushes allow for adequate chamber-wall cleaning. The brush head features round bristle edges to clean corners. The hand brush is intended for localized cleaning, plus use on the sterilizer door. (800) 444-5644 or

Miltex, Inc.

The Miltex stainless steel Disposable Safety Scalpel is engineered for safety and simplicity and complies with the OSHA directive to meet the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act. The scalpel features a retractable blade and is available in sizes #10, #11 and #15. The one-hand operation facilitates the blade gliding easily into the locked position and the safety mechanism returns the exposed blade to the covered position any time during the procedure. (866) 854-8400 or

Becton Dickinson

The new Autoguard Pro shielded IV catheter is the first passive version of BD's Autoguard family of IV catheters. The Autoguard Pro shielded IV catheter incorporates a unique passive retraction feature developed by Med-Design Corporation and licensed exclusively to BD. The spring-based technology automatically retracts the insertion needle into a shielded housing as the clinician withdraws the needle from the catheter after insertion into the vein. BD pioneered the development of safety-engineered "sharps" devices designed to protect health care workers against accidental sharps injuries, introducing its first safety-engineered product in 1989. BD has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in safety-engineered products and services, including extensive clinical training and education programs and new manufacturing, to meet increased demand following the passage of state and national needle safety legislation. The company holds more than 160 U.S. patents in the safety-engineered area and today sells over 300 such products for injection, blood collection, infusion therapy, surgery and sharps disposal.

Augustine Medical

The Bair Paws patient adjustable warming system combines patient gowning and warming in one easy step by using a small forced-air warming unit to deliver warmed air through a hose to channels in a warming gown. The system is designed to replace traditional patient gowns and the need for nurses to continually replace warmed cotton blankets on patients who are waiting for or recovering from surgery. Patients can adjust the air temperature in the system to a comfortable level using a hand-held temperature controller. After surgery, the attending nurse can reconnect a Bair Paws warming unit to the warming gown and set the temperature to help comfort patients while they recover from anesthesia. (800) 800-4346 or

Triad Disposables

Triad Antiseptic Hand Gel is a convenient way to help prevent bacterial cross-contamination. This fast-acting, waterless gel leaves no sticky or tacky residue on the skin and is more manageable to apply than alcohol liquids. Triad Antiseptic Hand Gel is mildly scented and contains conditioners to minimize skin irritation and dryness. The gel is available in various sizes, including a portable 5-gram pouch and 4-ounce bottle. (800) 288-1288 or

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