Infection Control Today - 04/2003: TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY

Regent Medical

Regent Medical expands its Customer-Driven Gloving Solution portfolio with the Biogel Skinsense PI. This powder-free, synthetic glove can be worn by itself or double-gloved over the Biogel Skinsense N Universal glove to function as a puncture indication system for increased barrier protection. Constructed of polyisoprene, the synthetic material with the same molecular structure as natural rubber latex, Biogel Skinsense PI has a curved finger design for a natural fit with a micro-roughened surface. Its translucent blue tone provides immediate visual indication the glove is made of a synthetic material. The Biogel Skinsense PI glove contains a polymer coating for ease of donning with damp or dry hands. The gloves are 100 percent air inflated, visually inspected and meet or exceed all ASTM standards for synthetic surgical gloves. (800) 843-8497 or

Trademark Medical

O.R. PocKits are surgical instrument holders that help keep the OR organized while allowing quick access to surgical instruments. The self-sticking instrument holder keeps instruments neatly available for easy use and out of the way when necessary. Made of latex-free, PVC-free polyolefin, these lightweight O.R. PocKits come sterile and are individually packaged in a convenient dispenser. Available in two- and four-pocket styles. (800) 325-9044 or


Allegiance, a Cardinal Health Company, introduces Safe-T trays, diagnostic trays with engineered sharps injury protection components. The trays are offered for lumbar puncture, myelogram, paracentesis, thoracentesis, arthrogram and amniocentesis procedures. The Needle-Pro components are classified as engineered sharps injury protection devices in accordance with the revised OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard and fully comply with NIOSH/CDC recommendations for procedures requiring the use of a needle.

Certol International, LLC

Certol has reformulated ProEZ AW Dual Enzymatic Decontamination Solution. The non-foaming solution can now be used on open tray systems as well as automatic washer/decontaminators. The formulation includes protease and amylase enzymes to clean medical instruments. 303-799-9401 or

Spectronics Corporation

Recognizing that the CDC has recommended the use of germicidal ultraviolet lights to help eliminate bacteria and viruses, Spectronics provides a full line of Spectroline germicidal UV lamps designed and engineered for use where high-intensity, wide-area UV coverage is required. The 254nm UV lamps have housings constructed of anodized aluminum or enameled sheet metal for long life. A corrosion-resistant specular aluminum reflector ensures maximum UV irradiance. (800) 274-8888 or

Healthcare Logistics

Healthcare Logistics' Absorbent Powder can be used to manage fluid spills, solidify waste in suction drainage canisters and for all other general infection-control uses. The powder is designed to convert fluid into a gel, reduce odor and safely contain waste. Ten grams of powder will absorb 1 liter of water or 0.9 percent saline. The powder comes packaged in 250 grams to a bottle. (800) 848-1633 or

Surgical Operational Services

Surgical Operational Services was created by CEO and president Andrew Petrovich to offer a comprehensive set of resources to effectively manage all aspects of maintaining and repairing expensive laparoscopes and other surgical instrumentation. The company not only provides instrument care, it provides training manuals for each client healthcare facility -- a show-and-tell format that explains laparoscopic procedures and how to best handle equipment from the operating room to the decontamination, sterilization and wrapping phases. (888) 500-4926

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