Infection Control Today - 12/2002: TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY


Allegiance's V. Mueller division of surgical instruments, sterile processing supplies, maintenance and repairs, introduces the Genesis brand STERRAD System Compatible Containers indicated for use with STERRAD 50, 100 and 100S systems, ethylene oxide systems and pre-vacuum steam sterilizers. Genesis can simplify and standardize a facility's sterilization packaging requirements with just one container system. (800) 323-9088 or

Moldex-Metric, Inc.

The new EZ-ON respirator uses just one cloth strap to hold it comfortably on the face while the Flexwing and head harness provide a secure fit. The Dura-Mesh shell is designed to keep its shape throughout the workday, and the natural contour fits the face without a metal noseband to adjust. The mask includes a soft foam nose flange for added comfort. The EZ-ON is NIOSH certified to have a filter efficiency level of 95 percent or greater against non-oil based particulates. Available with or without the Ventex exhale valve. (800) 421-0668 or

Greiner Bio-One

The new Vacuette Safety Blood Collection Set is a single-use, sterile, winged blood-collection safety needle bonded to a flexible "low-memory" tubing that is designed to prevent coiling and facilitate disposal. The set is available with 21 and 23 gauge needles and comes with 12-inch tubing. The winged needle is designed with a safety shield that can be activated to cover the needle immediately following venipuncture to prevent accidental needlesticks. Pressing both sides to release the lock activates the safety mechanism; the safety shield slides completely over the needle until it locks into place. (888) 296-3883 or


To celebrate 20 years as a leading provider of IV and wound care, 3M introduces two new dressings in the Tegaderm transparent dressing line of products. The #1610 is a pediatric IV dressing and the #1655 is a universal catheter site dressing. Tegaderm is an adhesive coated dressing consisting of thin, flexible, polyurethane backing coated with a hypoallergenic acrylate adhesive and applied with a frame delivery. The transparent dressings are designed to be skin-like, sterile, impervious to water and bacteria and permeable to moisture, vapor and oxygen to facilitate the wound healing process. (800) 228-3957 or

Trademark Medical

The Res-Q-Vac hand-powered suction unit is designed for all situations where airway suction is required. The Res-Q-Vac weighs less than half a pound, is reusable, provides more than 500 mm Hg vacuum and connects to sterile disposables with no electric plug or batteries. Res-Q-Vac's neonatal through adult catheters are available in 5 fr, 8 fr, 10 fr, 14 fr, large-bore Yankauer and rigid OR-style Yankauer suction instrument. (800) 325-9044 or

Precision Dynamics Corporation

The Redi+Wash total body cleansing system is now available in a new resealable package for added convenience and cost efficiency. The all-in-one package is designed to eliminate the need for rinsing, towel drying and lotion application. The thick, soft, disposable cloths are saturated with a gentle no-rinse cleanser and a moisturizing lotion. The cleansing solution contains an antimicrobial preservative system that is designed to guarantee freshness. Available in packages of four or eight that can be heated or cooled for patient comfort.

Specialized Health Products, Inc.

The LiftLoc Safety Infusion Set is designed to conform to the user's technique and reduces the risk of accidental needlestick injuries. The LiftLoc features a non-coring Huber needle, a capped Y site for needleless access and an optional Patient Comfort Pad with each set. The LiftLoc is latex-free and the tubing is DEHP free. The low profile is designed to be easy to dress and convenient to use. (801) 298-3360 or

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