Infection Control Today - 12/2003: TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY

Sandel Medical Industries, LLC

The Sandel Medical Correct Site Tattoo provides an easy way to mark the skin and comply with recent JCAHO and AORN recommendations for correct surgical-site marking. Patients can be correct sited several days in advance of surgery, and the tattoo will remain visible even after the patient has been prepped. The tattoo is offered in two sizes and is latex free. Custom designs also are available. (866) 764-3327 or

Closure Medical Corp.

The ProPen and ProPen XL are new delivery systems for Dermabond Topical Skin Adhesive designed to provide physicians with greater precision application and control of adhesive flow. The ProPen is a single-use device designed with interchangeable tips that allows for fine-line delivery of adhesive for those wound closures requiring precise application. The ProPen XL delivers twice the express volume as the ProPen for closing long surgical incisions. All Dermabond products are distributed by ETHICON, INC., a Johnson & Johnson company. Dermabond Topical Skin Adhesive is used to replace topical sutures or staples in the fields of trauma, plastic and other surgeries, emergency medicine and pediatrics. The product acts as a barrier to microbial penetration, protecting against the two most common bacteria that cause infection, staphylococcus and pseudomonas.


Ideal for use in healthcare environments, the SlimKey keyboard has been designed with infection control in mind. Featuring a sealed, industrial silicone rubber pad, the versatile unit can be wiped down with any hospital disinfectant. It is perfect for use in ORs, patient rooms, on carts, in ICUs and with retractable workstations. The SlimKey is ultra-thin and compact, measuring less than an inch in height. Additionally, the unit features a built-in HulaPoint pointing device, eliminating the need for an external mouse. For low-light situations, the SlimKey offers the convenience of backlit keys. The SlimKey is housed in a robust ABS polycarbonate case, making the unit lightweight and strong. Its low-profile keys are particularly easy to wipe between, while the keyboards unique elastomeric pad makes the SlimKey virtually silent to type on. The SlimKey meets NEMA 4X industrial specifications, designating it completely dust, water and corrosive liquid proof. (800) 866-6506 or

Premier Marketing Intl. Inc.

The Protection Plus Instant Hand Sanitizer is formulated to be effective against 30 different microorganisms and kills 99.9 percent of pathogenic bacteria on contact. Built-in moisturizers and conditioners keep skin soft, even after repeated washings. It can even be used with or without water. Protection Plus is alcoholfree and non-flammable. (800) 771-8366

Safetec of America, Inc.

SaniZide Plus is a one-step, ready-to-use, hospitalgrade surface disinfectant, decontaminant, cleaner and deodorizer. SaniZide Plus is the first EPA-registered, germicidal solution of its kind to kill tuberculosis, HIV, HBV and hepatitis C virus. The solution may be used on glass, ceramic, polyethylene, polypropylene, plastic, vinyl, rubber, metal and any hard surface. The alcohol-free, noncorrosive formula is non-flammable. SaniZide Plus is available in a variety of packaging options. (800) 456-7077 or

Spectrum Surgical

The new and improved line of surgical instrument-cleaning brushes are now produced by using antimicrobial nylon bristles that are designed to resist bacterial growth and offer superior infection control properties. Spectrum offers a full range of brushes with diameters measuring as small as 1mm and as large as 15mm, with lengths ranging from 8 inches to 31 inches. (800) 444-5644 or

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