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Discounted TV Remotes

Introducing NosoControl the first low-cost, disposable TV remote. TV remote keypads are the most manipulated objects in the patients room. Nosocontrol remotes have been created to reduce the risk of acquisition of nosocomial pathogens from patient to patient. Additionally, Nosocontrol is convenient; pillow remotes are frustrating, allowing channel up and down only. Nosocontrols includes a number keypad for easy channel access. No programming or codes are required.

(800) 810-0954 or

Consolidated Stills and Sterilizers

Consolidated Stills and Sterilizers has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its MARK V microprocessor-controlled steam sterilizers. This approval allows Consolidated to expand its current product offering to the healthcare market. The company will provide an array of sizes and features suitable for operating rooms and central sterile supply. Consolidated Stills and Sterilizers has produced sterilizers for the global biotech and medical research markets since 1946.

(617) 782-6072 or

Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp.

Spectrum Surgical Instruments announces the development of a powdered stain remover for surgical instruments. This 3-oz. jar comes complete with an application cleaning brush and will remove baked-on stains on all types of surgical instruments. This powdered formula restores the luster to stainless steel instruments very quickly and effectively.

(800) 444-5644 or

Buffalo Filter

The new PenAdapt from Buffalo Filter® is an electrosurgical pencil adapter, made of soft, latexfree silicone and is compatible with nearly all brands of electrosurgical pencils. PenAdapt is designed to efficiently capture smoke plume generated at the surgical site for the protection of healthcare personnel. The packaging is designed to minimize the hassle of assembly in the sterile field and includes Velcro straps to keep the ESU wire well-organized and a drape clip to keep the tubing within the sterile field. Pen-Adapt can be used with most smoke evacuation systems, and may also be used with filtered wall suction.

(800) 343-2324 or

Donovan Industries

Donovan Industries announces the introduction of the revolutionary Ultra LF fitness band to the Resist-ABand line of exercise and rehab products. Ultra LF is a proprietary, 100 percent latex-free formulation. Performance characteristics include excellent elongation and recovery, virtually no memory, high strength, and most importantly, consistent resistance. Ultra LF performance comes in five resistance levels that are easily identified in an industry recognized light/dark color sequence. Packaging is in color-coded dispenser boxes in both 6-and 50-yard continuous rolls.

(800) 334-4404 or


IKEYs latest infection control solution, the AquaPoint optical mouse, offers the safety and convenience of a completely liquid-proof pointing device. Constructed of the same materials that go into the popular SlimKey-MD family of medical keyboards, the AquaPoint can be disinfected using any hospital cleaning agent. Its optical technology allows the AquaPoint to function on nearly any surface, while its rugged silicone overlay, polycarbonate frame and solid-state engineering all ensure the AquaPoint a long operating life.

(800) 866-6506 or


The Aplicare Povidone Iodine Prep Spray is now available pre-assembled. The pumping action of Povidone Iodine spray provides a controlled spray mist, offering an alternate method for the final step of the scrub-paint prep. The fine mist also provides an even coating which may result in faster, more uniform drying. The spray coats hard-to-access areas quickly and without pooling, reducing the chance of skin irritation.

(800) 760-3236 or

Kimberly-Clark Professional

The WetTask® Disinfecting and Sanitizing Refillable Wiping System from Kimberly-Clark Professional can be used for disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces like elevator buttons, stairway railings, doorknobs, countertops and other hard surfaces where germy hands may linger. Users insert a dry roll of WetTask Wipers for disinfecting and sanitizing, pour their disinfecting or sanitizing solution over the wipers to the preferred level of saturation, then thread the wiper through the opening of the container lid, which is closed and tightened, allowing the wipers to be pulled through for one-at-a-time dispensing.

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