Community-based HIV Testing Effective in Reaching Undiagnosed Populations

January 3, 2019

One in three people living with HIV in Vietnam remain undiagnosed, according to recent estimates. New strategies and models of HIV testing are urgently needed to reach undiagnosed populations and help them enroll in antiretroviral therapy (ART), in Vietnam and throughout the world.

An Approach for Targeting HIV Reservoirs

December 21, 2018

Current HIV treatments need to be taken for life by those infected as antiretroviral therapy is unable to eliminate viral reservoirs lurking in immune cells.

Eliminating the Latent Reservoir of HIV

December 7, 2018

A new study suggests that a genetic switch that causes latent HIV inside cells to begin to replicate can be manipulated to completely eradicate the virus from the human body. Cells harboring latent HIV are "invisible" to the natural defenses of the immune system.

Young Black MSM Have Vastly Higher HIV Rates Yet Fewer Partners

December 5, 2018

Young black men who have sex with men (MSM) are 16 times more likely to have an HIV infection than their white peers despite more frequent testing for HIV and being less likely to have unsafe sex, reports a new Northwestern Medicine study.

Focus on Resistance to HIV Offers Insight Into How to Fight the Virus

December 1, 2018

Of the 40 million people around the world infected with HIV, less than 1 percent have immune systems strong enough to suppress the virus for extended periods of time. These special immune systems are known as "elite controllers." But how do they actually fight HIV?

HIV in Liver Cells Found to Be Inactive, Narrowing Potential Treatment Targets

November 30, 2018

In a proof-of-principle study, researchers at Johns Hopkins revealed that certain immune system cells found in the human liver, called liver macrophages, contain only inert HIV and aren’t likely to reproduce infection on their own in HIV-infected people on long-term antiretroviral therapy (ART).