Study Finds Higher C-section Infection Risk for Mothers on Medicaid

April 11, 2019

The risk of surgical site infection following cesarean delivery is higher among Medicaid-insured women when compared to women who were privately insured, according to a study published in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, the journal for the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of Ame

A Bad Bout of Flu Triggers Tuft Cells to Grow in the Lungs

March 29, 2019

Most people who weather an infection with influenza fully recover after a week or two, but for some, a severe case of the flu can actually reshape the architecture of their lungs and forever compromise their respiratory function.

Bacteria in Urine Doesn't Always Indicate Infection

March 22, 2019

Doctors should think carefully before testing patients for a urinary tract infection (UTI) to avoid over-diagnosis and unnecessary antibiotic treatment, according to updated asymptomatic bacteriuria (ASB) guidelines released by the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) and published in Cl