Oral Care Key to Preventing Nosocomial Pneumonia

July 25, 2002

CARY, Ill. - Brushing patient's teeth and suctioning secretions from the oral cavity may significantly reduce the nosocomial transmission rate of pneumonia among patients on ventilators.

Brushing Prevents Pneumonia

April 22, 2002

NEW YORK - Researchers in Japan have discovered that frequent teeth cleaning of nursing home patients significantly reduces their risk of becoming infected with pneumonia.

AIDS Cocktail Lowers Pneumonia Risk

January 18, 2001

MADRID-New information from European scientists suggests AIDS victims taking a new cocktail of AIDS drugs are not at as great of risk for pneumonia as previously thought.

Setback for Antibiotics as Heart Treatment

October 13, 2000

A study recently reported in the journal Circulation found that taking antibiotics is not an effective form of therapy for coronary heart disease, disputing two earlier studies from Argentina and England.